When to hire a general contractor for kitchen renovations

Kitchen renovations can range from simple paint and appliance upgrades to full remodels with a new layout and design. Sometimes the work involved is easy for a DIY homeowner to handle. Still, other times a general contractor’s help is necessary. Knowing when to hire a professional for your renovations will ensure that final quality and value boost.

De Vries Construction & Renovations in Winnipeg is a full-service construction and renovations company. They share when you should hire their general contractors for your kitchen renovations:

Major structure changes

Any major demolition, especially for walls, should always be left to a professional. While it seems like an easy task, in theory, the last thing you want is to take out a load-bearing wall. Any mistakes made with structural changes are not only safety hazards, but they also risk resulting in costly repairs for damage. Kitchen layouts are equally important to plan to ensure they are both functional and have the right flow. Popular layouts include L-shaped kitchens, peninsula, and open floor plans. With a general contractor, not only will they safely handle the structural changes, but they can also help with choosing the right layout.

Electrical or plumbing

Kitchen renovations will likely need some new electrical or plumbing work, which should always be left to a professional. Any mistakes made from DIY work risk not only the safety of your home and yourself but also any future insurance claims. It may even affect the future resale value, if potential buyers find out the electrical work was done as a DIY project. Any extensive electrical work involving new wiring, circuit panels, or new appliance installation should be left to a professional.

Kitchens have electrical codes that must be followed, such as lighting circuits or how many ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) are installed. Other codes involve how much power each appliance needs, which may mean upgrading your circuit panel. Any renovations involving plumbing likely mean extensive work that will require permits and knowing building codes. With a contractor, they’ll know what codes and permits to follow, so your home is safe both in design and legality.

New countertops and cabinets

Parts of new cabinets can be DIYed, but the actual installation process should be professionally done. That will save a lot of time, but also guarantee the efficiency of the new layout. Anything else, such as picking a cabinet style or deciding on the shape and colour, is okay to DIY to save on costs. Countertops, as well, with a general contractor’s help, can save a lot of stress and cost. A contractor can help order the right materials at the right price and then safely install the countertop. Some countertops, including laminate and sometimes concrete, are often DIY installations. Marble, quartz or granite, however, are more complicated to install and need the right tools. These should be left to a professional to ensure a quality installation and avoid costly breaks or damage.

Flooring and tile 

If new floors or tiles are a part of the renovation, leave it to your contractor while they are on site. Depending on the work involved, the floors may need to be installed sooner rather than later. Tile work as well, such as extension backsplash, is a time-consuming and involved project. Rather than the stress of DIYing, a contractor can quickly handle the work and ensure a quality finish. If you need any tile design tips or ideas, talk to your contractor. With their years of renovation experience and eye for detail, they can help.

General Contractors in Winnipeg 

De Vries Construction & Renovations ensures a completely stress-free and quality assured process from start to finish. As a family-run company with over 35 years of experience, they guarantee their general contractors are the right pros for the job. From basements, kitchens, bathrooms, and more, De Vries Construction & Renovations has full-service help for your home.

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