When to install new insulation

Insulation helps with temperature regulation, sound-proofing, and fire-proofing the spaces it’s installed in. However, depending on the age of your home, insulation may need to be replaced. But how do you know when is the right time? From the insulation contractors at Advanced Insulation in Winnipeg, here are some tips on how to tell when you may need new insulation.

Your energy bills have increased

As previously mentioned, insulation regulates the temperature in your home. Does your home feel colder than it used to? Are your energy bills up unexpectedly? This may be because your insulation needs to be replaced. If you find that you’re spending more on heating this winter season, or air conditioning over the summer, contact an insulation contractor to learn your options moving forward.

Some rooms in your home are colder than others

Random cold areas in your home could be a sign of poor insulation. Take a walk around your home, and note which rooms feel colder than others in order to determine which rooms may be problematic. If you’ve noticed drafty areas or drafty rooms, check around windows and doors for drafts. You should also check your heat registers to make sure they haven’t been closed. If you’ve inspected the room and can’t determine why it’s colder, it’s probably the insulation that needs an upgrade. 

You’re finding bugs or rodents in your home

As unpleasant as it may sound, poor insulation can be the result of bugs and rodents digging their way into your home. Not only will these holes give them an easier time getting into your home, but it lets more air in too. When insulation is newer or properly installed, it’s more difficult for unwanted pests to enter your home. Put away those mouse traps, and keep unwanted critters out by fixing your insulation.

Your pipes are freezing

If insulation is poor in your home along the exterior walls, your pipes will be at risk of freezing during the colder temperatures. This could cause pipes to burst, leading to further issues down the road. Protect your pipes with proper insulation. Insulating your pipes or around your pipes will save you the trouble and the money that comes with fixing frozen pipes. 

Insulation Contractors in Winnipeg

Advanced Insulation Inc. is a Winnipeg-based insulation contractor. They provide superior and efficient solutions for today’s complex and energy-efficient building demands. They pride themselves on their strong reputation for providing honest advice, superior service, and excellent work. From residential projects, new homes, and renovations to large commercial projects, they provide unparalleled service in a timely and professional manner.

Interested? Check out Advanced Insulation Inc. today!

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