When to repair drywall and when to replace it

Drywall is found in most homes. Most repairs are also easily handled, but sometimes repairs aren’t the best option. Knowing when to replace your drywall can mean more savings and better value compared to patching the damage.

Emerte Ltd.in Edmonton offers professional drywall and electrical services. They explain when you should repair your drywall and when it’s time to replace it:

Minor holes and cracks: repair

It’s not uncommon to find holes in your walls, especially from bumps by furniture, loose screws, or other impacts. If the hole is small, it can easily be patched up and painted over with little worry. Larger holes are best left to a professional to ensure the damage is completely covered, and the section is stable.

Cracks as well can be covered and are typically from any foundational setting. The exception is if the cracks are large and jagged, which is a major warning sign. These should be inspected by a professional to find out the underlying problem before any repairs are made. There could be a major issue with your home’s foundation or structural components. 

Water damage: repair or replace

Repairing or replacing drywall from water damage largely depends on the severity of the damage. Minor leaks are easy to repair as long as a professional completes the work. They will remove the damaged section, check for any mould or mildew growth and then repair the area.

If the leak was from a major flood like a burst pipe or an unseen leak that has developed for months, a replacement might be needed. Drywall can risk crumbling, collapsing, developing mould, and become an overall health and safety hazard. In those cases, it’s safer to replace the entire section of damaged drywall. 

Popped nails: repair

Sometimes nails and screws from the drywall can come loose and press out of the wall. Any minor damage caused by that can easily be repaired, as can lose nails. A professional can drive the nail back into the drywall and shave off any compound to prevent it from happening again. If the problem keeps recurring, it may be because of bad prior installation. In that case, a professional can still help, but the repairs may be more extensive. There won’t be a need to completely tear out and fully replace the drywall unless you’re tired of paying for repairs. 

Drywall upgrades: replace

Drywall comes in various colours and styles, including blue for water protection or green for protection against mould. There’s also drywall that can add more insulation and sound-proofing, which makes considering a drywall upgrade worthwhile. If you are doing renovations and general home improvements, upgrading the drywall at the same time is a cost-effective pairing. It will mean replacing the existing drywall with something that better suits our needs in the long run. 

Drywall Contractors in Edmonton

Emerte Ltd. is an expert in both commercial and residential services. They can help with everything from minor electrical work and installations to major drywalling services and repairs. Their professionals always provide flexible yet high-quality work that will always improve your home.

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