When to repair or replace stucco

Stucco is a popular choice of siding for any house and one that adds a unique look and value. While it generally requires little maintenance, sometimes stucco does need some attention. Knowing when stucco needs to be repaired or replaced is vital to keeping your home safe.


Dynamic Stucco Repair Inc. in Calgary is a professional stucco repair company that strives to offer excellent customer services and long-lasting repairs. Here they share when stucco can be repaired or needs to be replaced:


Signs of stucco damage


One of the most common signs of stucco damage is cracks forming along the surface. While a single, thin crack may not mean anything right away, multiple cracks are a sign of trouble. Any large cracks over ¼” wide are a sign of serious structural issues. They may be from the house settling or water getting into the cracks. Stains are another sign of trouble and should never just be painted over. If it’s the result of moisture, the problem can quickly spread and even cause the stucco to crumble off.


Repair or replace?


Depending on the depth of damage on the stucco, it can typically be repaired with a patch job. These patch jobs can be DIYed if you have a little skill and time. Larger cracks or stucco that is flaking off can’t be so easily repaired. First, the stucco will need to be removed and the underlying surface repaired. Once that’s complete, a new layer of stucco can be applied. With a job like that, it’s best left to a professional contractor. They’ll have the right tools, experience, and know-how to handle the job safely. Even minor repairs can be left to a professional to save time and ensure it’s done properly.


Get a professional inspection


If you notice a hairline crack in your stucco, don’t ignore it. Take the time to call in a professional to inspect your stucco. If there is an underlying issue causing the crack, it’s best to get the hidden damage repaired as soon as possible. Even if the crack is not a sign of anything serious, have your contractor fix the crack. It’ll help protect your home for longer and keep that stucco in top condition. Small cracks can lead to water seeping in, damaging the stucco and risking getting into your home. If nothing else, intact stucco is essential to maintaining your home’s curb appeal


Dynamic Stucco Repair Inc. in Calgary


Dynamic Stucco Repair Inc. uses cutting-edge technology to provide the best stucco repair services. They provide solutions to any home improvement needs, big or small. So you know who to call for stucco repair, water leakers, interior and exterior painting.


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