When to test for mould and asbestos 

Both asbestos and mould can lead to serious health effects when breathed in. Knowing the signs of mould or when to check for asbestos will keep your home and family safe. A professional team can then test your home so you can schedule a safe removal.

Eco-Abate Inc. in Calgary provides professional mould and asbestos testing services. They share when you should call their team to test your home:

Asbestos: renovating or demolishing a pre-1990s built home 

Between the 1950s and 1990s, asbestos was a naturally occurring fibrous material used in building materials. Things like loose-blown insulation, stucco, linoleum flooring and more could all contain asbestos. When asbestos is disturbed, it releases into the air but can’t be seen. However, when breathed in, asbestos causes health issues and, in severe cases, even causes cancer. So, before renovating an older home, always have it checked for asbestos first. The same rule applies if you plan to demolish an older home, always test first.

Asbestos: buying or renting a new home

Before you settle into your new home, make sure you always have it inspected first. As part of any home inspection process, checking for asbestos is also necessary. A test will help detect the presence of asbestos or how much is in the home. It’s also a good rule to have an older home regularly checked in case any materials start to crumble over time and need testing. 

Mould: musty odours

It could be mould if you’ve started noticing musty odours in your home that aren’t coming from a clogged drain. Air fresheners will only temporarily cover up the smell, but the musty odour will always return if it’s mould. The risk with mould is that the spores can lead to various health issues and serious problems. Difficulty breathing, sore throat, exhaustion, and allergy symptoms are all potential causes of mould. For those who already suffer from allergens, mould can make those symptoms much worse and more dangerous. 

Mould: recent leak

Have you recently discovered a leak in your home or repaired some old water damage? If so, it’s worth having a professional come in and do some testing. Unfortunately, dark and damp environments are the ideal setup for mould to grow even after leak repairs. The main risk with mould caused by leaks is that it settles in behind the walls. There, mould can grow undetected until it leads to health complications. By testing early, a professional can catch any signs of mould, so you can schedule the removal and stay safe.

Asbestos Testing in Calgary and Mould Testing in Alberta

Eco Abate provides professional, safe and quick testing services for asbestos, mould, and radon. They have the education, training, and experience to check your home safely. If you suspect you have these materials in your home, have it tested as soon as possible. 

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