When to Upgrade Your Circuit Breaker

A circuit breaker is an important electrical feature of any home or building. They keep the electrical system regulated and act as a control panel for all the power in the building. Over time, however, they may be in need of a replacement to keep you and other occupants safe and keep the system running without any problems.

Here are some ways to know when your circuit breaker may need an upgrade, from Can Electric Ltd. in Edmonton.

There’s an electrical overload

When your breaker experiences an electrical overload, it means that the breaker can’t handle all the appliances it’s meant to power. This may cause it to trip more often. Installing a new breaker that allows for more devices to run will leave you will less electrical problems. It’s also a safer choice, as a breaker can heat up and lead to the wires fraying. Having an electrician check out your breaker and see if an overload is present will also let you know what you should do next.

The switches are loose

The switches on your breaker should never be loose when switching between the on and off functions. If you find that the switch moves freely between the features, or doesn’t click when set to one side, this may be a problem. This may cause more short circuits, or fuses to be blown more regularly.

Your appliances are performing poorly

Lights flickering, kitchen appliances malfunctioning, or televisions turning off suddenly may be signs that the breaker isn’t working properly. It’s important to note that you shouldn’t always trust it’s an issue with the appliance itself. Their poor performance may have the circuit breaker to blame, if it’s acting faulty, smoking, or hot to the touch.

Electricians in Edmonton     

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