When You Should Paint Your Home’s Interior

An interior paint job will make your home feel clean, updated and welcoming. There are many reasons why you might choose to paint. To change the colours and style of your home, to get your home ready to sell or during a renovation or home repair. J. Gordon Painting Ltd. in Vancouver shares some reasons your home might be ready for an interior paint job.

Your walls are covered in scuff marks or are damaged.

Your walls will see a lot of wear and tear over time, especially if you have an active family! Scuff marks, finger marks, dents and cracks are sure to show themselves over the years and your walls will start to show their age. While some of these marks can be washed off, the best way to make your walls look like new again is to invest in an interior paint job.

You find water marks in your bathroom or kitchen.

Kitchens and bathrooms get a condensation build up from cooking, cleaning, showering and bathing. This condensation can drip down the walls and create water marks. Repainting can help absorb some of that moisture, make your walls look like new again and give them a protective layer to prevent further marking. If you suspect you might have a bigger problem with moisture build up, you should check to make sure your ventilation is working properly and if the problem persists, have your plumbing system checked for any leaky pipes behind the walls.

You want to upgrade your home’s look and feel.

One the biggest reasons homeowners choose to paint their home’s interior is because they are just fed up with the old paint colour and style! Painting your home is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to give your home a completely new look. Hiring J. Gordon Painting Ltd. will ensure your paint job is done efficiently and with professional results.

Not sure where to get started on this cost-effective home upgrade? Learn how to choose paint colours and get inspired by browsing these interior paint colour ideas, techniques and tips.

Interior Painting

You want to put your house up for sale.

If your walls are worn out looking and you want to put your house on the real estate market, it is a good idea to invest in a paint job. First impressions are everything and a fresh coat of paint will make your home look upgraded and well cared for. Make sure you don’t choose too many bold colours. You want to use neutral colours so potential buyers can have a blank slate, allowing them to imagine how they can make this house their own home.  Learn about paint colours for home resale.


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