When’s the right time to upgrade your plumbing

A great time to upgrade your plumbing is during a home renovation. Chances are walls could be open, making the plumbing easier to access. Plus, sometimes it’s easier to handle all your home upgrades in one large project. It’s never comfortable to live in an ongoing work zone, so consider upgrading your system at the opportune time.

Oceanside Mechanical in Vancouver is more than qualified to know when your plumbing needs upgrading. Here are some simple ways to tell if your plumbing needs a closer look.

Pay attention to wet spots

It can be easy to spot signs that your plumbing is failing. Wet spots on baseboards, or in corners by sinks or the dishwasher can be easy to notice. Water stains in less noticeable spots or warped flooring might be less easy to spot. These are signs that water leaking from your plumbing. Have it inspected as it will likely need to be repaired or replaced entirely.

Listen to your pipes

A clogged drain or a leak can be a nasty surprise if you aren’t paying attention. One way to avoid this is by actually listening to your pipes when using them. If you hear a noise like a gurgle, this could be a sign that air is getting trapped in a blockage. If your pipes are leaking, you may be able to hear a telltale dripping noise as well. Sometimes when something is wrong with the plumbing, you might hear a wailing or squealing noise. These sounds might be an early warning that you need to have a closer look done by a professional.

How are your pipes looking

Taking a physical look at your pipes can also let you know if it’s time for an upgrade. If pipes show rust, corrosion, or a general state of wear, it might be a good time to call a plumber for their opinion. Aged fixtures can lead to issues and bigger expenses if things really go wrong. Keep an eye out for faulty fixtures as well because just because something isn’t old doesn’t mean it can’t break.

Preventative maintenance can save you a lot of money in the long run. Taking care of your plumbing system before things break is the smart, cost-efficient way of thinking. Consider upgrading your existing plumbing system if you are already planning on undertaking a home renovation. Planning ahead and investing in preventative repairs or replacements can save you damage and money down the road.

Plumbers in Vancouver

Oceanside Mechanical has a proven track record with over thirty years of experience. Their skill level has been proven on over a thousand renovations, with thousands of happy clients. Their tendency of hiring experienced, knowledgeable staff with over two decades of hands-on experience means your plumbing is in good hands. They treat your home as their own, which is exactly the service you want when going through a renovation.

Contact Oceanside Mechanical for your plumbing needs.

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