Where to install a fence around your yard

Fences are a multifunctional addition to any front or backyard and ones that can easily be customized. Fences add excellent value, whether a privacy fence on a deck, an ornamental fence for a stylish look for your yard or for pool safety.

Go Fencing in Winnipeg is a professional vinyl fencing company. They share where you can add a fence throughout your yard for curb appeal, security, and function:

Yard perimeter fences

The type of fences you install around your front yard won’t necessarily be the same as your backyard. With the front yard more focused on curb appeal, a vinyl picket fence is a great choice. The height isn’t so tall that it will obstruct any views and the picket design adds charm and style. For the backyard, a taller, full-sized fence is the better choice. You want to have some privacy from the neighbours and create a clear property barrier for your yard space. Backyard fences are also a must if you have pets or children, and want to keep them safe.

Privacy deck fences

In addition to having a backyard fence, you can install a second fence for your deck. As a raised platform, your deck will likely be visible above your fence line. Adding a vinyl privacy fence can turn your deck into a private oasis. The fence style is taller and without gaps, so no views can get through. A semi-privacy fence is a great middle option for something less absolute in privacy. The smaller gaps in the fence will let a breeze through and let you still have a bit of a view.

Pool fences

If you have a pool in your backyard, it’s a good safety addition to having a fence around it. It’s also law if you live in Winnipeg to have a fence around any body of water with more than 24”. With a vinyl pool fence, you can add a deck design to dress up your pool. Keep in mind that backyard pools have size, fence requirements, and safety regulations. Before building anything alone, call in a professional fence contractor. They have the experience to build a quality fence and ensure it’s up to all regulations and bylaws. 

Fence Contractors in Winnipeg

Go Fencing provides quality fencing that adds security, appeal, and long-lasting value to your home. As specialists in vinyl fencing, their team only provides the highest standard of products. Their top-notch installations, experience with regulations and bylaws and attention to detail guarantee peace of mind. 

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