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Custom cabinets are tailor-made to fit your needs, as well as any space in your home. You choose the layout, size, and how they’ll function. While homeowners may associate custom cabinets with kitchen spaces, there’s actually many other places these cabinets can go. From Infi Millwork & Kitchen Cabinets in Edmonton, here are some different places to install custom cabinets. 


Custom cabinets can, and often do, go in your home’s kitchen. They’re a great way to add organization and functionality to the space, no matter the size of the kitchen. This can be done by adding upper cabinets, inserts in both lower and upper, and determining the sizes of each cabinet. You’ll also have the choice of adding unique features, like special cabinets to display kitchenware, cabinets built for specific things like plates or cutlery, and much more. With so much variety out there, custom kitchen cabinets can do wonders for you and your family. 


There are a few ways to incorporate custom cabinetry into your home, particularly in your basement. One way is into a family or living space. Whether it be a new television stand with surrounding cabinets or open shelving alongside the wall, it can transform the space while providing you the storage you need. There’s the option of installing custom cabinetry in a children’s playroom to store toys and other belongings. This will keep your basement clean and tidy. Finally, there’s the option of adding built-ins to a storage room. All of these cabinet options will make your basement space more functional, and look great too.


Instead of purchasing a stock vanity from a box store, consider custom cabinets for your bathroom renovation. Installing a custom cabinet for the vanity will ensure the cabinet fits the space, and you’ll have all the necessary storage you require. This also allows you to get creative with your larger bathroom. Custom cabinets can be used to display towels or decor to transform the space into your own personal oasis. 


For busy families, it’s easy for the entryway to get cluttered and messy. Installing custom cabinets into your mudroom will give everything a proper place. There won’t be any more jackets on the floor, shoes in disarray, or outdoor equipment scattered about. Custom cabinets can be made to fit all your belongings, big or small, and keep your mudroom clean. They can also be incorporated into different furniture pieces, like a bench to fit your entryway. 

Custom Cabinets in Edmonton

Infi Millwork & Kitchen Cabinets provide quality craftsmanship at affordable prices. With their professional team of contractors, they’ll bring your vision to life, and exceed your expectations. 

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