Who needs post-construction cleaning?

Post-construction clean-up is required after a new construction project, or significant renovation is complete. Whether you’ve hired a contractor or completed the renovation yourself, there will be a mess left behind.

Post-construction cleaning in Calgary is necessary to ensure the health and safety of the space. The renovation or building project isn’t complete until someone has cleaned up the mess!

Who needs post-construction cleaning?

Calgary Trusted Cleaners offers quality and reliable post-construction and renovation cleaning in Calgary. They know what can get left behind when a project is complete and come prepared to have the site cleaned up and ready quickly.

Builders, developers, and contractors

Calgary Trusted Cleaners provides comprehensive construction cleaning services to commercial and residential builders and renovators. They understand the urgency to have the site ready for clients once the construction is complete.

Construction cleaning services include dust removal before painting, pressure washing, garbage removal, HVAC cleaning, or anything else you might need. Conveniently, they service commercial and multi-unit buildings and residential homes. They’ll transform your construction site into a welcoming business or home in no time.

Homeowners and DIY renovators

If you’ve renovated your home or completed a major home project, you might require renovation cleaning services in Calgary. Calgary Trusted Cleaners could perform an intensive deep cleaning of the space. It will include removing all dust and debris, cleaning walls and flooring, doors and window frames, and even furnace and duct cleaning. Professional cleaning services ensure your project is complete and your home renovation project looks its best.

Why hire a professional cleaner?

Whether you’re a home or business owner, hiring a professional for your post-construction cleaning in Calgary is best.

Builders, developers, and contractors

As a business owner, you want the space to look spotless and completely polished. You’ll guarantee your customers are happy with the work by hiring a pro. No one wants to move into a dirty home or business.

In addition, outsourcing the cleaning will save you and your team a lot of time. Professional cleaners move quickly and efficiently. Finally, professional cleaning ensures the site is healthy and safe. To do so, they’ll remove all dust and debris with vacuums with HEPA filters. Furnace and duct cleaning ensures no dust or allergens are polluting the air.

Homeowners and DIY renovators

The last thing you want to do after an exhausting DIY renovation project is clean. Hiring Calgary Trusted Cleaners would put the finishing touches on your hard work so that you can enjoy it sooner. They’ll do a deep clean, as mentioned above, including duct and furnace cleaning to ensure quality indoor air quality. In addition, they avoid using harsh chemicals and will use eco-friendly products that are better for your health and the planet.

Get a quote for post-construction cleaning today. Contact Calgary Trusted Cleaners!


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