Why a backyard sports court is a great addition for your home

Sport Court™ / Sports Pad

Backyards are always one of the best places to host friends or family or spend time outdoors. If you really want to transform your yard and create the perfect entertaining space, consider a sports court. It’s one of those investments that’s not only great for your home, but also for you and your family’s lifestyle.

Grizzly Creek Projects in Calgary provide professional and high-quality concrete installations, maintenance and repairs. They explain just why adding a sports court to your backyard will make the best addition for your home:

Boost your home’s value

Some investments cost more upfront to install, but the payback value makes the investment well worthwhile, not only now, but especially if you ever sell down the road. Having a backyard court will make your home a standout feature that is guaranteed to be noticed. New homeowners, families with kids or sports enthusiasts will be extra interested in a backyard sports court.

Encourage a healthy outdoor life

There are a lot of reasons to landscape your backyard and just as many ways to use the space, especially if you live on an acreage. Hardscapes and softscapes, for example, give you a beautiful space to enjoy nature or entertain friends. Installing a backyard court, though, offers the perfect space for a healthy outdoor lifestyle. Both kids and adults will have an easy-to-access space to play sports and get some exercise in during the day. With such busy lifestyles between work or school, a sports court in your backyard is a great way to stay healthy and active.

Versatile design

Sports courts aren’t limited to a specific type of sport or activity, meaning you can choose any kind, based on your interests. Depending on the court surface, your backyard court can be for badminton, basketball, volleyball or even a winter ice-rink. Plus, you can choose a multipurpose surface so that any sport is fair game!  Need ideas? Check out these backyard sports courts for some useful ideas and inspiration.

Low-maintenance backyard 

Even if you install a backyard court, it doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy your backyard for other uses. Combining your backyard with a sports court means you get the best of both, just with a low-maintenance yard. Your court design will be planned to fit in with your landscape design so that it won’t stand out. Of course, for a really low or maintenance-free yard, you can choose artificial grass instead.

Beneficial concrete pad

Using a concrete pad for your sports court means you get a versatile choice of designs to really customize. For example, stamped patterns, engravings or exposed aggregated concrete are all possible design choices. Most importantly for a sports court, though, is how durable concrete is. Hot or cold weather won’t affect its condition, and you can even freeze it in the winter and make a rink. Plus, it’ll always be low-maintenance. As a solid surface, there won’t be any weeds sprouting or uneven, dangerous surfaces. Concrete itself also adds value to your home, so combined with a sports court addition, it’ll provide double the value!

Concrete Contractors in Calgary 

With more than 20 years of experience, Grizzly Creek Projects has the knowledge to handle any concrete project. They work with you from the planning phases to the building phase, to ensure your experience is stress-free. Grizzly Creek Projects offers everything from concrete driveways to pathways and everything in-between. Anything concrete-related, they are the experts to call for the job.

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