Why a siding change is a great renovation option

When it comes to exterior renovations, there are plenty of options to choose from that all add value. Landscape changes, windows, and doors all help add a new look and feel to your home. But don’t ignore the value a siding renovation can bring to your home, both financially and visually.

Caveman Exteriors in Edmonton are a professional exterior renovation company. They share the benefits of changing the siding of your home:

Weather and time leave a mark

As one of the first layers of defence for your home, the siding will eventually show wear over time. Pets, fire, harsh weather, or age will degrade the siding and leave it looking poorly. Furthermore, damaged siding invites the risk of structural issues, mould, and lower home efficiency overall. However, from a practical perspective, upgrading your siding is always worthwhile. Even if you keep the same look and style, that change adds protection, efficiency, and home value that new buyers will notice and appreciate.

It’s a cost-effective new look.

If your home is at a point where it looks aged or just isn’t standing out from other houses, it’s time for a change. While transforming the landscape or replacing all the windows and doors is an option, consider the siding. Upgrading the siding with a new look is worthwhile, but even a fresh coat of paint can do the trick. Before painting, ensure the surface is clear and ready for a new coat. Also, chat with your contractor to ensure the siding is compatible with the paint. Hardie board siding, for example, is an excellent material to paint, and a good finish can add extra life to it. 

Even the material can add appeal.

Even if you simply want to update an outdated material on your home’s exterior, that upgrade still adds value. Siding materials such as vinyl or Hardie board siding add value, new looks, durability, low maintenance and energy efficiency. That’s a lot of appeals to pack into some siding, which doesn’t include the new look. Instead, choose an eye-catching colour or one that can mimic the look of wood, and it’ll help make your home stand out even more. 

Talk to the pros

Choosing suitable materials and looking for your new siding can be manageable. However, since siding can last for the next 15-20 years, you want to make the right investment. Working with a skilled contractor can help, as they are experts in building envelopes and siding options. Companies like Caveman Exteriors specialize in exterior renovations that add maximum protection, value and appeal. Whatever your goals, from a new look, added efficiency or less maintenance, their team can help. 

Siding Contractors in Edmonton

Caveman Exteriors have the expertise to help transform your home’s exterior with a range of support. Their team can help with new siding, soffit, fascia, or eavestroughs and specialize in quality stone, vinyl siding, Hardie plank and more. 

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