Why an insulated sunroom is the perfect new home office

Most people are finding themselves spending more time at home or working at home more than at the office. While this has become the new norm, it can be hard to work without a dedicated workspace. Having a room separate from the house can help separate work life from home and offer a change of scenery. That’s where sunrooms can come into play.

Canadian Factory Direct Sunrooms, with locations in Calgary, Edmonton, and Winnipeg, specializes in a range of sunrooms. They share more about their insulated sunrooms and why one would make a perfect new home office:

Separates work life from home

Working from home offers the great benefit of creating a perfectly tailored space to your needs and work mindset. While that is ideal for many, it still requires the right planning and design. Working from home brings unique distractions like kids playing, noises from the TV, or even chores that need doing. That’s why having a separate workspace is so important. You can create a clear distinction between work life and home. An insulated sunroom offers that ideal setting by creating a separate space where you can work year-round without distraction or mental stress. You can easily enter the “office,” handle any work for the day and then physically and mentally leave it behind when you leave.

Sunrooms are a healthy space

One of the main features and perks of a sunroom is its glass design, which lets in plenty of natural sunlight. Many studies have proven the health effects of sunlight, like providing Vitamin D and improving sleep. Natural lighting also boosts the release of serotonin in the brain, which is a happy and calming chemical. In a home office space, feeling mentally and physically better will improve productivity and lower stress. It can also prevent eye strain from sitting indoors and in front of a monitor under electrical lighting. 

It gets you “outdoors”

How often have you been inside the office working away while outside there is tempting sunshine and clear skies? No one likes having to work inside on a gorgeous day. While at home, it may be more tempting to take a break. With a sunroom, that temptation is easily fixed since you’re already working outdoors. The space itself can be customized with screen windows, so you get that natural breeze, sounds of the outdoors, and the warmth of the sun. Like sunshine, connection to the outdoors is another natural mental boost that benefits everyone. You’ll never get that stir-crazy sense of being cooped up indoors, and instead can relax and work with ease.

Sunrooms in Calgary, Edmonton, and Winnipeg

At Canadian Factory Direct Sunrooms, they pride themselves on offering quality sunrooms that are affordable for everyone. In addition to sunrooms, they offer screen rooms, patio covers, gazebos, and wall systems. Each of their services is custom-tailored to your needs, so you are guaranteed to be satisfied no matter what. 

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