Why Choose Custom Cabinets for Your Kitchen Renovation?

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When you renovate your kitchen, you want the results to give you the best of both function and design. The biggest component of your kitchen renovation will be the cabinets. Not only will they determine your kitchen’s layout and overall style, they will also make up a large portion of your renovation budget. Installing custom cabinets from a reputable company like Cucina Bella will ensure you are getting the best value for your investment.

Here are some reasons why you should choose custom cabinetry:

Custom cabinets are stronger and long-lasting.

While pre-fab kitchens are cheaper, they are also cheaper quality. When you purchase cabinets from Cucina Bella Ltd, you can be sure that your kitchen was built using experienced craftsmanship and the highest-quality materials. Your cabinets will be strong and durable, far outlasting the cookie-cutter stock cabinets you can buy at the store.

Custom cabinets are made to fit your specific needs and wants.

A custom cabinet company can visit your home and inspect the space. They will speak with you to learn about your hopes and dreams for your new kitchen and can help you design cabinetry that will meet all your preferences. Learn more about how to design a kitchen.

Cucina Bella Ltd. will help you decide on custom elements like built-in spice or wine racks, upgraded paneling, special inserts and Lazy Susans. You can also choose features like device charging stations and mood-setting under cabinet lighting.

Custom cabinets give you more options.

When you purchase stock cabinets from a box store, you have minimal options for how your kitchen will look and function and you will have to plan it out yourself without the help of a professional.

Your options are endless when it comes to custom cabinetry. You can select every detail of your new kitchen including the type of wood used, the grade of the wood, hardware and lay-out. Cucina Bella Ltd. works with manufacturers that are experts in their craft and only use the best quality materials to ensure your new kitchen turns out exactly how you imagined it would.

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Custom Cabinets in Edmonton

Specializing in mid to high-end cabinetry solutions, Cucina Bella Ltd. offers complete custom kitchen and home cabinetry design by a team of qualified designers. Their services include private design consultations, detailed kitchen design plans and drawings, colour and finish selections, through to site measure, cabinetry order and installation.

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