Why Choose Custom Cabinets for Your Kitchen Renovation?

The decision to renovate your kitchen often is motivated when either the function of existing cabinets no longer accommodates your lifestyle or the original cabinetry is dated and not a reflection of your current design style.

Cabinetry is generally the largest portion of a kitchen renovation budget so choosing to use a custom cabinetry supplier like Cucina Bella ensures you receive superior quality Canadian manufactured cabinets that provide lasting value for your renovation investment. Cucina Bella provides exceptional customer service through the entire renovation process and warranty period.

Here are some reasons why custom cabinetry is a good choice when renovating:

Custom cabinets offer flexibility in the use of existing space.

Custom cabinets allow for the greatest design flexibility of your existing space as you are not limited to standard sized cabinets. Cucina Bella designers will work with you to create a functional layout utilizing every usable inch of space. Space that may have been previously wasted can be included in the overall design with custom cabinetry size options.

Custom cabinets offer endless customization in material selection.

If an all-white kitchen is not your idea of a dream kitchen choosing custom cabinets offers an endless selection of door styles, wood species and color options.

You may decide that you want your cabinets to be a combination of painted and natural wood finishes. Custom cabinetry allows you to be creative in your material choice allowing your completed design to be a true reflection of your personal style.

Custom cabinets offer you more options.

Cucina Bella designers will discuss options available to you when choosing custom cabinets.  You may want to accommodate built-in spice or wine racks, special inserts like K-Cup organizers for drawers or updated functional lazy susan’s. Custom sized cabinets can be designed to accommodate electronic charging stations, keeping technology close but out of sight.

By focusing on both the beauty and function of custom cabinets Cucina Bella can help make your dreams, a reality.

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