Why Choose Prestige Woodworks to Transform your Home

Finding a trustworthy company to help with home renovations is a long-term investment worth the effort. It will ensure your project runs smoothly, meets your goals, and adds value to your property.

Prestige Woodworks in St. Albert provides top-quality carpentry specializing in creating outdoor oases. They pride themselves on a transparent, trustworthy process and quality you can rely on for any project.

Starting a client relationship 

When you reach out to Prestige Woodworks, the first thing their does is create a client profile in Jobber. That makes any future projects with their team easier to track and follow any updates. It also marks the start of creating a relationship built on trust and transparency. From there, the admin at Prestige Woodworks will schedule an in-person meeting to calculate an estimate. This in-person meeting is also a great chance to meet the team helping you with future projects.

Settling finances 

Once the project estimates and a budget have been settled and agreed upon and a deposit provided, the work begins. For suppliers and vendors, Prestige Woodworks supports smaller local businesses. That means you can rest easy knowing that your dollar stays in the local economy. Not only that, but Prestige Woodworks only purchases high-quality materials guaranteed to last for years and add value to your home.  

The project gets underway 

The project begins in earnest with the date booked for project completion and the necessary supplies ordered. Combining high-quality materials with non-negotiable in-house standards, Prestige Woodworks exceeds building codes and manufacturer specifications. This combination means their clients enjoy absolute peace of mind and a guarantee of a long-lasting renovation. The Prestige Woodwork promise is built on a core of values of honesty, integrity and a relationship-based approach.

Service follow-up as required 

Once a project is complete, Prestige Woodworks doesn’t just leave. Their team is always available to help and will do service follow-ups as required. With clear package pricing on their website, you can easily browse future projects anytime. After you’ve worked with Prestige Woodworks once, you can trust them again and again. The processes and quality are the same every time. By working with them again, their team will already know your goals or values for your home. It makes the entire process easier and stress-free.

Deck Builders in St. Albert 

Since 2013, Prestige Woodworks have continued its dream to provide the highest quality carpentry services. Their team is dedicated to honesty, integrity, and a relationship-forward approach to every project. Prestige Woodworks offers everything from balconies, decks, pergolas, stonework, and more.

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