Why DIY is never a good idea for your bathroom renovation

In some cases, completing a DIY home project can be rewarding. In others, it can be a disaster. A bathroom, though the room seems small, is complicated with many parts involved. Plumbing, electrical, and other fixtures present plenty of opportunities for mistakes.

Tadashi Homes in Langley offers a wide range of renovation services. They share why you should always hire a professional for your bathroom renovation:

Amateur electrical work is dangerous

If you need to do any electrical work in your bathroom renovation, you should always hire a professional. Even small mistakes can have grave consequences when it comes to electrical. Not only that, you’ll need permits for many electrical installations. If a fire occurs due to faulty wiring, it probably won’t be covered in your home insurance policy.

Plus, working with electrical work near plumbing can cause an electrocution hazard. A seasoned professional can quickly spot potential issues before they become dangerous. Finding these issues is something you could miss if you don’t have a trained eye. For your safety and the safety of the family at home, always hire a pro.

Plumbing work requires skill and experience

Installing plumbing might seem straight forward, but it’s more sensitive than you think.  Plumbing that is not installed correctly or moved correctly could leak. If you don’t notice the leak right away, it can lead to some costly damage to other parts of the room. You might have to tear out new drywall or cabinets and replace them if the damage is severe. Save yourself the cost, headache, and time by hiring a professional from the beginning.

Bathroom installations can be challenging

Spending a weekend watching YouTube videos can never compete with a renovation company with years of professional and practical experience. There are aspects of your bathroom renovation that will require challenging installations. Correctly laying tile, installing a glass walk-in shower, and even installing the bathroom fan is more complicated than you might think.

For example, you’ll need to vent the bathroom fan from the ceiling, through the attic, and through a hole cut through your roof. If done incorrectly, you could have leaks or risk that your bathroom doesn’t have proper ventilation. Read more bathroom renovation projects you should never attempt yourself.

Avoid these costly and sometimes dangerous mistakes by hiring a professional bathroom renovation company from the beginning. Not only can they help you with design and choosing materials, but they will also ensure all installations are done correctly and safely. You’ll save time, misery, and most importantly, will get the bathroom you’ve always dream of with flawless results.

Bathroom Renovations in Langley

Tadashi Homes in Langley is a renovation company serving Langley and the Lower Mainland. This husband and wife team will work with you to make your home renovation dreams come true. They pride themselves on attention to detail, client relationships, and delivering beautifully renovated spaces.

If you’re thinking of renovating, contact the professionals at Tadashi Homes!

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