Why Drywall Should Be Left to the Pros

Drywall installation is a big part of any major home remodel. Whether you are building an addition, changing the lay-out of your home or finishing your basement, you should hire professional drywall contractors to do the job.

Drywall installation is a very difficult DIY project that requires specific skills, expertise, experience and tools to get the job done right. You will have to be able to properly measure, cut and hang it which is the easy part compared to mudding and sanding it so no lines appear on the finished product.

Lifestyle Drywall is a boutique drywall company serving Calgary and surrounding areas. They share why big drywall projects should be left to the pros:

You’ll have to purchase and transport all tools and materials.

Do you own a truck? You’ll need one to haul the massive and awkward slabs of drywall home from the hardware store without getting them wet or damaged. You’ll also need the right tape, mud and drywall tools. Unless you have a hawk, mud pan and variety of puddy knives around the house you’ll have to purchase them. If you use the wrong products and supplies, you won’t get a smooth finish.

Measuring and cutting drywall is a big job.

Next you must measure all of your walls and ceilings that will be getting the new drywall. Cutting drywall requires experienced skills and the right tools. If you do it wrong, you could break or chip your drywall and waste materials. When it’s time to hang your drywall pieces, you’ll have to get someone to hold it up while you pin it to the framing. Hanging drywall in a small room can take you all afternoon, assuming everything goes as planned.

DIY mudding, taping and sanding can turn into a disaster.

Here’s where the real DIY disaster happens: mudding, taping and sanding the seams. You must apply the right amount of mud (too much or too little can wreck your results) and give it enough time to dry before attempting to sand it down. Not only do you have to do that once, but multiple times waiting an entire day or so before applying new mud to the seams.

You will have to lay down protective coverings over the floor and anything else in the room. Sanding drywall makes a huge mess. When you hire a drywall company, they will keep the dust to a minimum and clean up after themselves.

Make one mistake and you will have wavy looking walls and ceilings with noticeable seams. Your entire project can look like an amateur did it, which is why it’s best to call in a professional drywall contractor that knows how to properly tape and mud drywall. Installing, mudding and smoothing drywall is a perfected art.

Professionals can get creative with custom drywall work.

When you hire a professional drywall contractor, you can get creative with custom drywall designs and patterns on your walls and ceilings. From custom ceilings, built-in shelving and custom walls, Lifestyle Drywall has the creativity and artistry to listen to your ideas and turn them into some unique and beautiful spaces. Take a look at the image below. That design would be impossible to achieve without the skills and knowledge that come with years of experience.

Drywall Contractors in Calgary

Lifestyle Drywall combines knowledge and expertise to offer you a pleasant experience. They invite customers to send blueprints or pictures of your project so they can provide you with a competitive estimate. When you choose them, you can feel confident you are hiring a business owner who is dedicated to one goal – getting your job done right, on time and on budget. Plus, they recycle 100 per cent of their drywall waste.

Whether your construction needs are large or small, involve new construction, remodeling or renovation, contact the pros at Lifestyle Drywall.


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