Why epoxy flooring is the best choice for your garage

Nowadays, garages are used for more than just parking vehicles. They can double as a workshop or extra space. As garages are being used for more things, this is also shifting the focus towards having a nicer and more practical floor. If your cement floor is looking old, stained, and worn, then it’s high time to consider the benefits of an epoxy coating.

ETS Group in Calgary professionally supply and apply protective garage floor coatings. They share the benefits of an epoxy garage floor coating and why their pros are the ones for the job:

What is epoxy?

Epoxy is a two-part compound made up of epoxide resin and polyamine hardener. Unlike paint, epoxy cures after being applied and hardening into a coating that is much stronger and durable. The final look is a smooth, stiff plastic finish that is resistant to water, spills, or harsh chemicals. Epoxy is common among commercial and industrial buildings but is now quickly becoming popular among homeowners.

Benefits of epoxy flooring

Practically, epoxy is well known for its durability against various elements. The pressure from heavyweight from cars or equipment won’t cause damage, and neither will extreme heat. Epoxy is also very low-maintenance and will only need sweeping or occasionally mopping to wash away spills. Aside from that, epoxy doesn’t need much care. Visually as well, epoxy creates a smooth, flawless, and attractive look for your garage floor. Whether you use your garage for your car or as a workshop, having an attractive floor adds that extra appeal.

Compared to other floor options, epoxy is one of the most efficient options for your garage. Typically, the prices will vary depending on the amount of epoxy in the mixture. On average, though, the costs run between $4 to $9 per square ft, including the installation. The investment is well worthwhile, as an epoxy floor will last for many years.

Myths of epoxy

When it comes to epoxy, there are a few misconceptions to know. One common one is that you will need to re-coat your epoxy flooring every few years. In reality, epoxy is incredibly long-lasting and won’t need to be redone for 10 to 15 years. To ensure that, though, the concrete floor needs proper preparation. There is another misconception that a quick clean will make the floor ready for an epoxy coating. Concrete floors must first be cleaned, repaired, and degreased before epoxy can be applied. If not carefully prepared, the epoxy coating may not bond properly with the concrete.

DIY or pro?

Unlike applying a painted floor, epoxy is much harder to install. There are DIY kits available at stores, but these are lower quality than what a professional can offer. Additionally, the amount of prep work, experience, and tools required can be overwhelming if you have no experience. If installed incorrectly, the epoxy may peel, have moisture buildup underneath, or form air bubbles. That’s why calling a professional is the recommended choice. Their experience and skill ensure that your new epoxy floor is right the first time so that your investment is a guarantee. They’ll also handle any repairs and floor preparation to ensure that smooth finish.

Garage Floor Coatings in Calgary

At ETS Group, they provide high-quality skill and service when it comes to epoxy coatings that’ll keep your garage floors looking beautiful. They pride themselves on absolute customer satisfaction in all their work, so you always have peace of mind. When you call ETS Group, they will ensure that you get the right finish for your garage.

Contact ETS Group today for all your flooring needs!

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