Why Everyone Loves This New Flooring Product

Every customer has one thing in common when they are floor shopping. This thing that we all have in common is logical and completely understandable. We want this because our hard-earned dollar needs to mean something. It needs to feel like money well spent. The common shopper mentality has never solely been reliant on price. The price must be justified by the product. The common thing we all share is value.

Why are people switching to this new product?

Ever heard of SPC? Many have not. So, what is SPC vinyl flooring? SPC is the flooring industries hottest new product. Although many stores and sales reps will not call it SPC, rather it is easier to categorize it as an existing product.  The shift in products is always an easier sell when it sold under a familiar name. Car dealerships sell cars. Furniture stores sell furniture. Flooring stores? You guessed it. We sell floors.

Flooring today is sold under a few different categories. Hardwood, Carpet, Vinyl, Laminate, Tile. Some may argue engineered hardwood is in its own category, but that leads me directly to my point. Classifying a product in an existing category will make customers feel more confident in their purchase. New technology is usually not put into its own category. It is rather sold as something we all know and love. Only improved. Therefore, let me introduce SPC.

What is it?

The technical answer is Stone Polymer Composite. The answer flooring stores will give you is vinyl plank or engineered vinyl plank.

Luxury Vinyl Plank is a renowned product for being easy to maintain and being durable. Also, with a fair price attached, the decision is usually a no brainer. For many homes, vinyl plank is the smart option.

Why is SPC different?

Simply put, SPC (Stone Polymer Composite) is a greatly improved version of engineered vinyl flooring Edmonton. SPC, as the name suggests, is a combination of stone and polymer. Polymer is more commonly referred to as plastic. The plasticizer and stone–which is most often limestone powder–creates a composite material that overcomes the various downsides to vinyl plank.

What are normally the downsides to original click vinyl plank, and the new benefits of SPC Flooring?

1. Rigidity

The softer more flexible rubber like material is often too flexible for suitable use as a floating floor. The joints are equally as soft as the core and the result is joints (click system) that cannot withstand unevenness without compromising the integrity of the floor.

SPC is made from a stone core, so provides excellent rigidity and dimensional strength. The strength in the core translates to the strength at the joint.

2. Expansion

The core of normal vinyl plank is not stabilized like SPC is. This causes significantly more expansion and contraction when it comes to heat and cold exposure. Normal click vinyl flooring will expand and contract when exposed to hot and cold. SPC will not expand and contract and has a greater allowable temperature range.

3. Distance

The distance of installation that is allowed without breaking it up with a transition piece is great asset that normal vinyl plank does not possess. SPC flooring has an average allowable distance of 60ft-100ft. That is a range from 3600sqft to 10000sqft! Normal vinyl plank is less than half of that. Bear in mind this applies to click vinyl plank and may not apply to the glue vinyl plank products.

4. Joint Strength

Vinyl plank as mentioned above has weaker joints because of the material the core is made from, which is usually virgin polymer. This affects how the product will perform under stress. Stress can be caused by unevenness in your subfloor or concrete. SPC improves joint strength and addresses the issue while still retaining all the positives of vinyl plank. SPC with the limestone as a stabilizer also has the wonderful effect of making the joints many times stronger than straight plastic. While we do not recommend you ignore floor prep, SPC is simply a stronger more durable floor.

Should SPC be in a category of its own?

Well Yes, and technically it is. SPC vinyl flooring falls under a couple of different categories. Rigid-core vinyl, and engineered vinyl. These two subcategories are the flooring industry’s attempt at differentiating SPC vinyl flooring and regular vinyl plank. As a customer you should not be too concerned about what category it is sold under, as it will be sold in both categories. A simple identifying question you can ask your salesperson is: Does it have a stone core?

Should you consider SPC Flooring for your home?

SPC Flooring is an excellent choice for your home and can offer excellent lifespan, easy install, and beautiful designs. With robust durability that SPC flooring can offer, you cannot go wrong. SPC flooring also can support popular layouts like the modern open concept. Keeping the same flooring running throughout creates a wonderful open flow. Retaining its historic waterproof title from regular vinyl plank water is also a very important benefit for the areas that get wet on occasion. All and all, SPC Flooring should be considered as an option for your flooring plans.

Quality Red Tag floors is a vinyl flooring store. Edmonton homeowners will find a wide range of SPC flooring and other options for their home renovation.




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