Why fireproof insulation is beneficial for commercial builds

Keeping a business or commercial building safe means taking the right steps during construction. Fire is a danger, which is why proper fireproofing can’t be skipped. With cementitious fireproofing insulation, it guarantees your building will be fire safe. It can help slow major fires or prevent electrical circuits from sparking even a minor fire.

Atlas Sprayfoam Systems Ltd. in Winnipeg is professional insulation, fireproofing, and soundproofing spray foam company. They share the benefits of using their Monokote cementitious fireproofing to protect your commercial building:

What is cementitious fireproofing?

Like spray foam, cementitious fireproofing is applied as a spray directly to surfaces like steel beams, columns, concrete, and joists. It is highly fire-resistant, and so it is commonly used in commercial buildings. The cementitious spray is a mill-mixed plaster that just needs water added to form the spray. Once mixed, it is fast and easy to install. Combining this with other fireproofing measures, like smoke detectors and sprinkler systems, can help slow the spread of any fires. It also ensures enough time for safe evacuations in case of an emergency.

How and where it works

Through thermal insulation, cementitious fireproofing helps prevent surfaces from melting or breaking down when exposed to fire. It can be applied to either exposed surfaces or concealed ones. The insulation itself offers passive fireproofing, meaning it slows the fire’s spread but doesn’t stop it like a sprinkler system.

Three levels of density are used depending on the building’s needs and where the insulation is applied. Standard-density is used in areas that won’t see physical contact or be impacted and damaged. Medium-density covers exposed materials, like stairwell columns or mechanical room columns. High-density is the third level and is for exterior surfaces where weather exposure is a factor, like parking garages.

The benefits and considerations

One of the main benefits of this insulation is the low cost and speedy installation time. Once applied, it requires little if any maintenance. It also pairs well with closed cell spray foam insulation for added energy savings, soundproofing, and overall safety. Cementitious fireproofing resists mould, insects and doesn’t release toxic fumes when exposed to fire. Unlike spray foam, it doesn’t expand once applied, so even residential homes with pre-existing sheathing can still benefit from the insulation.

There are some considerations to keep in mind, such as the visual effect of the insulation. Since it does not leave a smooth, paintable surface, it is less suited to areas where visual appeal is important. Areas, where moisture or water could get in, should also be avoided. If water gets between the coating and the surface, it can lead to corrosion and risk integrity and safety.

Insulation Contractors in Winnipeg

Atlas Sprayfoam Systems proudly provides superior and high-quality insulation solutions for residential and commercial needs. With over 50 years of experience, they guarantee top-quality results, materials, and services. Whether insulating a residential home, a commercial building, or providing fireproofing solutions, their professionals can help.

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