Why hire a professional for ceiling painting?

It’s not often that the ceiling is considered during renovations or painting updates. More often, a traditional white look is all that is added when the ceiling is addressed. Still, using colours and designs to make the ceiling a bold feature is becoming a popular and value-boosting trend. Better yet, leaving it to a professional can double those benefits.

Integra Painting in Edmonton specializes in both residential and commercial painting. They share the benefits of hiring their professionals to add some colour to your ceiling:  

Add height or coziness

Traditionally, ceilings are painted white and sometimes have a texture applied like popcorn or splatter. While there’s nothing wrong with this look, there is a lot of potentials when you add colour instead. Similar to using bright colours on walls, with ceilings, it can add height, dimension, and balance to the room. The combination of dark walls with a bright ceiling will give the illusion of height and depth. While a bold choice, even a dark ceiling can help add a sense of coziness into a room. The right shade can also add warmth, helping make a spaciousness ceiling feel closer yet still welcoming.

Fifth feature wall

Feature walls can help separate space in an open layout, pull together the décor, or just add an eye-catching touch. Either way, feature walls are a great addition, but what about the fifth wall? Ceilings are just as perfect a choice for a feature wall as any regular wall. Kitchens, in particular, are moving towards the trend of adding coloured ceilings to the room or part of the room. You can choose a completely new colour or pick a shade that draws on other fixtures or appliances. Blue backsplash or coloured hardware is the perfect choice to use on your ceiling as well. It’ll help add that feature touch all around the room and make your ceiling a real statement.

Save the strain and stress by hiring a professional

There’s a fair amount of skill, time, and patience needed to paint a ceiling. It’s not as straightforward as painting a wall, plus extra steps must be taken to protect against drips. Painting a ceiling can also be neck-straining work! That’s why leaving it to a professional is best. They take away all that strain and stress and handle the work and prep for you. It also guarantees that you get that quality painting finish that only a professional can provide. With all the right tools, experience, and right paint for the job, a professional will also finish the work in a few hours instead of days. Plus, if you love the look, you won’t have to hesitate to paint other rooms with a feature ceiling colour as well!

Get professional design tips 

Another benefit of working with professional painters: you get years of design and décor expertise for the job. If you’re not sure which room should get a painted ceiling or what colour to choose, don’t worry. Professionals like Integra Painting have painters that are readily able to help with that choice. They’ll ensure your home gets the right colour and a professional painting application as well. Your home’s value will go up, and if you are planning to sell, it will show potential buyers a real, unique wow factor.  

Painters in Edmonton

As a family-owned business, Integra Painting knows the quality and value of owning a home you love. Their dedication to quality work, customer service, and attention to detail guarantees they are the right company. They’ll work with you at every step of the way to ensure you get the perfect painting job. From residential to commercial painting services, Integra Painting offers it all.

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