Why You Should Hire a Professional Tree Removal Company

Remains of the Old Oak Tree

Removing trees and stumps is a labour-intensive job and it comes with many safety hazards. If you want to remove a tree from your yard, hiring a professional tree removal company in Edmonton is your best and safest option. Here are some reasons why you should leave tree removal to the pros:

Tree removal is dangerous.

Cutting down a tree requires knowledge of tree species, roping and rigging, advanced cutting techniques and the use of dangerous tools (chainsaws, chippers, stump grinders and more). If you attempt a tree removal yourself you could be injured by falling limbs, cuts from chainsaws and a serious fall.

Even if a tree appears to be healthy, it could be rotting from the inside out. Professional arborists can identify hazards before a tree is subjected to  severe Edmonton weather.  The arborists have the right equipment to perform removals safely while protecting your property. They also can predict and guide which way the tree limbs are going to fall, regardless of how challenging the situation.  Inexperienced judgement can easily result in the tree falling on your home, vehicles, power lines or people. A professional will know how to safely remove a tree.

Edmonton Arborists have the proper equipment.

Edmonton arborist

Using a ladder to cut down a tree is a very dangerous method of tree removal. A professional tree removal company will have the right equipment to safely remove your tree, along with the proper protective gear as regulated by the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health & Safety.

Arborists are also trained and highly skilled in the safe use of chain saws, cranes, ropes, rigging and wood chippers to remove and dispose of a tree in an efficient manner while protecting your property. If you were to attempt to remove a tree yourself, you would have to acquire both the safety equipment and the certified climbing gear.  Furthermore, you would need to be highly skilled in advanced rigging and tree hazard identification.

Professional tree removal safes you time and labour.

Cutting down a tree and grinding out the stumps and roots requires a lot of manual labour. Cutting, chopping, digging and carrying is back-breaking, not to mention time consuming . An arborist has the knowledge and tools remove your trees and stumps quickly and efficiently, and at a reasonable cost while keeping safety a top priority. Save yourself the time and effort by hiring the pros for your tree removal and stump removal.

Reasons you might need to remove a tree:

– Tree root systems can get into sewer pipes, wreaking all kinds of unfortunate havoc and causing unexpected backups.
– Diseased and storm-weathered trees can fall on homes, fences, vehicles, etc.
– For yard landscaping or beautification purposes.
– Severe surface roots can lift and damage concrete, crack foundations and ruin your lawn.
– Diseased trees pose a risk to other healthy trees in your yard and to neighbourhood trees.  They are unpredictable during storms.
– Trees that have not been properly maintained or were poorly pruned can reduce your home’s curb appeal and lower the value of your property.

If you have decided it’s time for a tree to go, play it safe by calling in the professionals. 


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