Why Install a Garage Floor Coating?

garage floor coating

There are many benefits to installing a coating on your concrete garage floor. Zone Garage in Edmonton offers patented ZG-SHIELD® POLYUREA garage floor coatings different and superior to any product on the market. They share why you should consider installing this state-of-the-art floor coating in your garage:

Garage floor coating will protect your floor.

ZG-SHIELD® POLYUREA garage floor coatings are tough, up to 3 times tougher than epoxy coatings. They are more resistant to scratches and dents and are 100% UV resistant so your floor will never turn yellow from the sun. You won’t have to worry about damage from hot tires or chemicals like gasoline, oil, salt and calcium. Your garage floor is going to be incredibly durable and long-lasting.

Garage floor coating are versatile in style.

Tired of your boring oncrete floor? Coatings for your garage floor and concrete are available in a variety of colours, styles, stains, granite or even as a crystal clear sealer. View their selection of styles and colours. You can use it on decorate concrete too including acid stained concrete, polished or coloured concrete and stamped concrete. Ask Zone Garage about having custom designs, colours or even your favourite emblem on your garage floor.

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Garage floor coatings make it easier to clean up.

If you’re using your garage for a shop, your going to love the quick and easy clean up process with a garage floor coating. Since your garage floor will be resistant to moisture and many chemicals, you can simply wipe or mop away spills. Melted snow and road salt can be easily wiped away with soap and water and will dry quickly, making it easier to sweep the floor afterwards.

Garage Floor Coatings in Edmonton

Zone Garage is a leader in garage floor finish in North America offering a complete range of products to renovate your garage to a more functional and beautiful space. The ZG-SHIELD® POLYUREA garage floor coatings take only one day to be installed and be completely dry. The next day, you can park your car on your new garage floor and enjoy.

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