Why Install Chain Link Fencing in Calgary

When you think of a chain link fence in Calgary, you might think about an industrial yard or a construction site. While the commercial and industrial sectors do commonly use chain link fencing, it is also used for residential and farm fencing.

Why use chain link fencing for your residential property?

Chain link fences can give homeowners the best value when it comes to fencing materials and installation costs. In fact, you will be delighted on how far your dollar can go when you build a chain link fence around your yard.

Chain link can withstand the harshest weather conditions, it is resistant to rot, insects, moisture and discolouring. You’ll never have to worry about painting or staining your chain link and it is virtually maintenance free.

Chain link fences in Calgary are easy to install and come in a range of style options including open concept and privacy options. You can choose between galvanized or vinyl coated black chain link for a sleek style. Add colour and privacy with coloured vinyl slats. Colour options include black, beige, brown, green and grey.

Chain link is a practical choice for dog owners.

Installing a dog kennel fence or a dog run in your yard will give your pet a safe place to play and run while you’re away from the home. You won’t have to worry about them getting out into the street or about them digging up your flower beds and yard. First Class Fencing can design and build a custom dog kennel fence in your yard.

It is also the best choice for commercial dog breeders or dog kennel businesses. It’s most cost-effective solution for separating dogs or letting them come together for breeding purposes. It also allows mother dogs to be alone and close to their young puppies and keep them safe from any outside threats.

Chain link is commonly used for parks and recreation.

Whether you’re working on a project with your municipality or wanting to build a recreational facility on your private property, chain link is a good choice. It is commonly used as perimeter fencing at public parks and rec facilities. Chain link is used for tennis courts, baseball diamond back stops, batting cages and for swimming pool fencing. In these applications, chain link is the obvious and most practical choice.

Chain link is a smart solution for commercial and industrial fencing.

Whether you need perimeter fencing around your commercial or industrial property, wildlife fencing, construction fencing, warehouse and factory partitional fencing or security cages, First Class Fencing can supply and construct a high-quality industrial and commercial grade chain link fence to meet your needs. Chain link is strong, durable, cost-effective and can add security to your operations. For more information, contact First Class Fencing in Calgary.

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