Why Install a Concrete Driveway

Installing a new concrete driveway can improve the curb appeal of your home, increase property value, make snow removal easier in the winter and provide extra parking for vehicles. If your driveway is cracked and crumbling, or if you’re building a new home and are researching driveway materials, you should contact Con-Tile Industries in Edmonton . They are focused on quality in workmanship and materials, great customer service and have a reputation for a long lasting and durable concrete product. Here are some reasons to install a new concrete driveway.

Concrete is versatile and aesthetically pleasing.

Concrete looks clean, will lighten up your home and yard, and comes in a variety of colours, textures and design styles. Choose from the classic broom finish or get creative with pattern stamped concrete so it looks like cobblestone or tile. You can also install acid stained concrete. This gives you a variety of colour and style options from a marble-look to earth tone browns, reddish browns and even greens. Get creative with your concrete and driveway design! View 25 concrete driveway ideas on Pinterest.

Concrete will boost re-sale value.

Having a brand new concrete driveway and walking paths will improve curb appeal, attract potential buyers and increase re-sale value. According to Bankrate.com, a good first impression can add five to 10 percent to the value of your home.  Think about it, your driveway and walk ways lead potential buyers to your home…if yours in is in total disrepair you are not making a good first impression. This is especially true if all of the homes in your neighbourhood have new concrete driveways and yours is decrepit and cracked, gravel or asphalt.

Concrete is durable.

Your concrete driveway will pass the test of time. It is a tough material that lasts longer than alternative materials. Requiring minimal maintenance your concrete driveway could last thirty years or more before needing to be replaced. Plus, it will require repair and refinishing much less frequently than other driveway materials such as asphalt or gravel.

Concrete is easier to shovel in the winter.

Snow removal is a huge chore and a reality for Canadian homeowners. There’s nothing worse than trying to shovel a gravel driveway, or having your shovel caught up in bumpy asphalt. A smooth concrete driveway makes for a smoother shoveling job and creates a better surface for removing snow with a plow. This is a huge perk for us who dwell in the great white north.

Concrete is easier on the environment.

Concrete in its raw form could be considered a green building material. It’s made up of rock ground into fine powder, mixed with water and a few other components. It can be made from recycled materials as well. Compared to asphalt, the installation and maintenance of concrete is less harmful on the environment and your old concrete driveway can be recycled into concrete aggregate.

Concrete Contractors in Edmonton

Con-Tile Industries is an Edmonton Concrete Contractor that is passionate about custom concrete design. Whatever your vision, they can show you the details, the numbers, and the steps required to make your dream a reality. Concrete craftsmanship is a priority for Con-Tile and they believe each customer and each project is integral to their success; pride in the process is just as important as the finished product for them.

Con-Tile utilizes Red Seal Journeymen, knowledgeable apprentices, the best materials, and impeccable customer service to deliver a wide range of concrete solutions. No matter what you have in mind, you can trust Con-Tile to work with you.

If you’re ready for a new concrete driveway or another concrete upgrade, contact Con-Tile Industries!


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