Why invest in a quality garage floor coating?

Big box stores offer DIY epoxy coating kits for your garage floor. Most of these kits don’t give you a good estimate of how long the coating will last and wear and tear are usually not included in the manufacturer’s warranty. When perfectly maintained and installed properly, these DIY kits can last 5 years or more but typically only last a year or two.

Signs your garage floor coating needs to be replaced:

The obvious sign that your garage floor coating needs to be replaced is if it is peeling and coming away from your concrete floor. Debris from your deteriorating floor coating are annoying and it means your concrete is no longer protected. Other factors that will help you determine if you need a replacement include:

– Cracks in the coating that constantly have to be repaired and filled.
– Peeling which can diminish aesthetics and become a hassle.
– Fading or yellowing which means that the coating has been damaged by the sun.
– The floor is slippery. Unlike professional garage floor coatings, the DIY kits don’t come with a special top coat that reduces slipping.

Invest in a high-quality, more permanent garage floor coating.

A quality floor coating will ensure your residential or commercial garage or shop floors are protected, safe, strong and easy to maintain and clean. As an alternative to traditional garage floor coatings, Zone Garage in Edmonton offers patented ZG-SHIELD® POLYUREA and polyaspartic garage floor coatings which are different and superior to any product on the market.

These high-tech garage floor coatings are three-times more resistant to abrasion compared to epoxy coatings and they will not fade or yellow in the sun. They are not damaged by chemicals like calcium, salt, gasoline and oil and are resistant to scratches, peeling and even the movement of hot tires. Unlike the DIY epoxy kits, the ZG-SHIELD® POLYUREA and polyaspartic garage floor coatings are slip resistant which improves the safety of your garage.

Not only is this the best choice for your garage floor and a good investment, Zone Garage also offers a comprehensive 20-year warranty on adhesion and a lifetime warranty on yellowing and hazing of the clear coat cased by UV.

Garage Floor Coatings in Edmonton

Zone Garage’s coatings for garage floor and concrete are available in a variety of solid colors, styles, granite, stains, or as clear sealer to give style to your concrete floor. Their products can also be used as a sealer on acid stained concrete, the polished or colored concrete and even stamped concrete. The most interesting part is that it only takes one day to be installed and be completely dry. The next day, you can park your car on your new garage floor and enjoy.

Replace your worn out garage floor coating – contact Zone Garage!


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