Why is duct cleaning important?

The air inside your home contains tiny particles you can’t see. Dust, pet dander, pollen, and other allergens are constantly floating around. When the HVAC system kicks on, it pulls that air into the system and brings the particles through the ducts. They build up over time, and then duct cleaning is required.

To clean the ducts, a high-powered vacuum and compression system is used. The vacuum, mounted on a truck, will force all the dust and debris through the ducts and into the vacuum truck. It is the only method that cleans ducts effectively.

Fagnan Furnace Services is a full-service Calgary HVAC company. They share more about why this HVAC maintenance task is so important:

Reduces strain on your HVAC system

When the ducts have significant build-up, it can restrict airflow throughout the HVAC system. Moving air through the debris or any clogs will put additional strain on the furnace or air conditioner.  The harder your HVAC system must work, the faster it wears out. Dusty or clogged blower wheels or AC coils can result in costly repairs.

Keeping the furnace, air conditioner, and ducts clean will prevent repairs and extend the system’s lifespan. Part of that maintenance is replacing the filter according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Learn how to change a furnace filter.

Improves indoor air quality

The air that passes through those dirty ducts is the same air you’re breathing. Without duct cleaning, allergens like dust and dander can circulate through your home. For people who have allergies or asthma, or other respiratory illnesses, this can become an issue. Improve the air quality in your home by investing in Calgary duct cleaning every two to three years.

It saves energy and money

Duct cleaning is an investment with a good return. If dust and debris are restricting airflow, it means your HVAC system is working harder to move the air. The harder it works, the more energy it consumes trying to maintain your home’s temperature. Duct cleaning is one of the ways you can improve energy efficiency in your HVAC system. Combined with regular maintenance, duct cleaning in Calgary will help your furnace and air conditioner operate at peak efficiency.

Trust Fagnan’s Furnace Service

Fagnan’s Furnace Service has decades of experience servicing and installing HVAC equipment. They offer a range of services, including furnace installation and repair, air conditioner installation and repair, and duct cleaning. If you need repairs, unit replacement, or duct cleaning, contact Fagnan’s Furnace Services.


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