Why is my circuit breaker tripping?

The circuit breaker in your electrical system is a safety device. It cuts off the flow of electricity in a circuit when the electrical load gets too high. Without a circuit breaker, hazards like an electric shock, fires, and other damage would occur more frequently.

If you’re having trouble with your breaker tripping often, there could be a big problem. Pentagon Electrical Ltd. in Surrey shares three common reasons a circuit breaker might trip:

Overloaded Circuit

You can overload a circuit by plugging in too many electronics and appliances into it. For example, if the toaster keeps tripping the breaker every time you use it, it could be because it’s on the same circuit as other appliances, and the circuit can’t supply the power they all need at once. You could try plugging the toaster in somewhere else and see if the problem persists. If you need to run all those appliances in the same room, it’s worth having a new circuit and outlets installed to spread out the amperage.

Pentagon Electrical Ltd. can look at your panel and see if they can move larger appliances to a dedicated circuit to help prevent tripping. Another option is to upgrade the panel to a higher AMP service with larger circuits. A panel upgrade will ensure you have the power you need in your home without having to worry about circuit overloads.

Ground Fault

When an active wire makes contact with a ground wire or grounded part of a junction box, you get a ground fault. Ground faults cause a significant amount of electrical current to run through the circuit breaker, causing it to trip.

Your home should have Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) on outlets near water sources like in the bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, and outdoor areas. GFCI outlets help prevent fires and electrical shocks. If one of these is damaged or not working, it could be dangerous. Their purpose is to keep live electrical components from making contact and causing injury or damage.

Get an electrician in if you suspect you’ve had a ground fault or have regular outlets in areas like the bathroom and kitchen. Pentagon Electrical Ltd. will check for any issues and swap out those standard outlets with GFCIs to ensure your home is to the current building code.

Short Circuit

When an active electrical wire contacts a neutral wire, it creates a surge of electricity that can overload the circuit. When this happens, it is called a short circuit. It will always cause the breaker to trip and even cause popping sounds, sparks, or smoke. Damaged wires, faulty installation, or loose connections can cause short circuits. They can happen in switches, receptacles, appliances, cords, and fixtures. Short circuits are very dangerous and a severe fire hazard. You should call a certified electrician to inspect and fix the problem immediately.

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