Why it’s important you replace your old roof

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If you’ve noticed that your shingles are starting to curl, peel or even blow off the house, then it is time for a roof replacement. The obvious reason you should replace your roof is to prevent water and moisture from rain and snow from getting through and into your home. Replacing the entire roof might seem like a big cost, but the cost of repairing water damage in your home will be higher.

Roof Ex in Edmonton shares why replacing your old, damaged roof is so important:

Protect your home.

As mentioned before, your shingles are the first line of defense against the harsh elements. Your roof keeps all that bad weather outside of the home. As soon as the shingles stop doing their job, your home may be susceptible to water damage to the framing, insulation, drywall, ceilings, window trim and other areas of the home. Replacing the roof will help you avoid this very expensive headache.

Increase your home’s energy efficiency.

Even if your old roof isn’t letting water in yet, it’s likely letting heat out! An updated roofing system will help your home stay cool in the summer, warm in the winter and reduce the strain on your heating and cooling systems. Combine your new roof with an attic insulation upgrade and proper ventilation, and you will start to see some serious savings on your energy bills each month.

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Boost curb appeal and resale value.

A curling, deteriorating roof isn’t pretty. In fact, if your shingles are peeling off it can make your entire house look shabby and not cared for. A brand-new roof will look sharp and greatly improve the aesthetics of your home’s exterior. Not only will you love coming home to your new and improved exterior, it can also make a big difference if you ever decide to sell your home. A new roof is one of those big must-have items for potential buyers. It show that you have taken good care of your home and it also means there is one less expensive job for a buyer to worry about when purchasing a home.

Besides those very important reasons to replace your roof, you will also gain peace of mind knowing that your home is protected and that you will see a return on investment with your new roof.

Roofers in Edmonton

Roof-Ex is a family business, owned and operated by Jules Chabot, Edmonton resident for over 25 years. They are committed to employing roofers with years of roofing experience. As active members in the community, they thrive on providing you with the best roofing experience. To do so, they are WCB insured and registered with the Edmonton Better Business Bureau.

Need a new roof? Contact Roof-Ex today!


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