Why kitchens and bathrooms benefit from custom cabinets

Kitchen and bathroom renovations can improve your home’s value and have an excellent return on investment. Cabinetry is a significant component of any kitchen renovation, and the bathroom requires a vanity and storage spaces too. Both renovations will benefit from custom cabinets.

Integrity Construction Solutions in Edmonton is dedicated to honesty, quality, and integrity. They share more about why you should choose custom cabinets for your kitchen renovation and bathroom remodel:

Custom size means no wasted space

Space in either a kitchen or bathroom is key to having a functional and visually appealing room. Kitchens especially can suffer from empty wall space or deep corner cupboards that aren’t as functional as they should be. With custom cabinets, those wasted spaces are never a problem. You can choose the perfect size, shape, and location for your custom cabinets. Within those cabinets, you can incorporate features and storage solutions to make the space functional and accessible. That way they always suit your needs and layout.

Universal storage solutions

If you are replacing the cabinets in your kitchen and bathroom, each room will need unique storage solutions. A bathroom may need room for towels, toiletries, or general storage. It may also not have room for wall-mounted storage, so vanity and counter storage is needed instead.

Kitchens are a different matter as they have both wall-mounted and floor level storage. Kitchens also tend to benefit from custom storage like pullout shelving inside of cabinets, a pantry, or a special cabinet for the garbage and recycling bins. Stock cabinets don’t always have the right solution. Still, custom cabinets can be made to benefit both the kitchen and bathrooms. No matter what your needs are, Integrity Construction Solutions can create a design and solution that will meet them for your kitchen and bathroom.

Choices, choices, choices

Like a renovation where the choice of paint, countertops, flooring, or fixtures are all customized, custom cabinets are the same. Everything from the type of wood, the cabinet’s style, what hardware you choose, and the colours can all be customized. Even though a kitchen or bathroom’s general layout may be similar, no two homes are ever the same with custom cabinets. Find inspiration with these kitchen cabinet ideas. 

Custom choices also let you get the right price for your needs and budget. One of the things Integrity Construction Solutions prides itself on is being completely honest. That includes costs, budget, and answering questions. Sometimes, spending a little extra on quality products is better for the long-term payback. If that’s the case in your home, they’ll let you know and why.

Custom Cabinets in Edmonton

Honesty, quality, and integrity are the three main values when it comes to Integrity Construction Solutions. They pride themselves on their expertise, quality of work, and always leaving homeowners in love with their homes. Their services cover full home renovations both inside and out and include flooring, lighting, custom solutions, and more.

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