Why Move When You Can Reno?

Just because the home you’re in now doesn’t work for you anymore, doesn’t mean you actually have to move to get into a home that will.


We all know it’s easy to get a new look by installing custom kitchen cabinets or replacing the fixtures and tiling in the bathroom… but what if your home needs more than that? What if you need more space? Should you renovate or move?


You’d be amazed at what’s possible when you get to work with experienced designers, engineers and contractors, like the team at Reborn Renovations. There are infinite ways you can modify and renovate your home to create a space that suits your needs and lifestyle, and simply feels better to be in.


If your family is growing bigger and needs more room, or has grown smaller as kids have moved out, you could adapt your current space with a custom reno instead of buying a larger or smaller house.


We can help you design and renovate your ideal living space, so you can keep your roots planted while still getting the home of your dreams.



Renovate to Get More Space 


Space is precious in a growing family, where everyone is competing to use the same bathroom, the same kitchen and the same entertainment rooms.


Instead of uprooting the family to buy a larger house, leaving behind your familiar neighbourhood and taking on all the stress of moving – renovate your home to make it work better for everyone! When you factor in the costs for closing and moving, renovating your way to a better home could make more financial sense too.


If neighbourhood planning allows, you could add an extension on the main floor to get more use out of your land. You could also renovate your garage to get more space, whether you need it for living, working, parking, or just extra storage.


If you can’t extend further on the ground, consider expanding up or down instead. By adding a second storey or building above your garage, you could easily double your space without affecting your home’s footprint. You could develop your basement to make it more functional, or extend it with a walkout if the property allows.


Reborn can help you get the extra space you need. Our design team will help you plan everything from start to finish, and suggest options for solutions that you may not have considered.



Renovate to Make Better Use of Space


Downsizing can be difficult. Your home is filled with memories. You watched your kids grow up here. You love the neighbourhood. You don’t want to have to leave – but what if the space no longer works for your needs?


There are plenty of ways you could adapt the interior layout of your home to make daily living and chores easier to manage. You could move your laundry to the main floor, remove a wall between rooms, or renovate your bathroom to get more space or support mobility needs. You could even adjust the heights of your countertops and cabinets.


Do you have extra space you no longer need or use? Have you considered converting that space into a rental unit?


You could develop your basement or a section of the house into a fully-contained suite, so you can rent it out for extra income or allow extended family members to stay with you without giving up any personal living space. This can make great utilisation of your home while potentially improving your financial security too.


Make sure you have all the necessary permits and approvals from your municipality or district in place before you proceed with any work.


Contact Reborn to Learn More


By making some smart renovations, you can get a new and improved home without ever having to move. Not only will you get added enjoyment now – you’ll also be increasing your home’s long term value, so when you are ready to sell, you’ll be able to ask for a much better price.


Contact Reborn to speak with our design team or book an appointment to visit our spectacular Calgary showroom.


For more inspiration, check out our gallery of work to see examples of some of the fantastic home renovations we’re able to offer our clients.

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