Why professional experience is essential for tile installation

If you’re remodelling your kitchen or bathroom, you are likely considering updating the tile. Choosing a new tile for your home is a fantastic way to add new life to a drab space. However, you should not attempt to DIY your own tile work. Professional experience is essential for tile installation.

1. Better results- the first time

Professional tile installers like CJI Tile and Stone Ltd. in Calgary know what they’re doing. They understand how to deliver high-quality, visually impressive, and lasting results the first time.

Little mistakes in tile work often become massive eyesores, ruining the aesthetic of your bathroom or kitchen. Unfortunately, these errors are easy to make if the person installing your tile lacks professional expertise. For example, one mispositioned tile throws off the entire pattern. On the other hand, using the wrong sealant or adhesive can allow water to seep through, resulting in devastating water damage to your home.

If you choose to DIY your own tile installation (or hire an inexperienced handyman), you may have to contact a professional tile installer anyway. Only this time, it will be to correct the mistakes you made earlier.

2. Extensive knowledge and services

Professional tile installers in Calgary have extensive knowledge of different materials and the best way to install them. Additionally, they offer a diverse range of installation services. This allows them to accept various projects and deliver unparalleled results.

CJI Tile, for example, has experience with the following materials: porcelain, ceramic, stone veneer, thin brick, quartz, slate, granite, marble, limestone, and more. Different materials have different advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, they can help you choose the best material for your needs and budget.

In addition, CJI Tile offers installation services for all types of tile on floors and walls, tile countertops, tile sealing, and exterior tile and stone work. They also provide grout sealing and re-grouting of existing work.

3. DIY tile installations look sloppy

It can feel empowering to DIY your own kitchen or bathroom renovations in Calgary. However, doing it yourself comes with a lot of challenges and problems. DIY tile installation usually looks sloppy. It decreases the value of your home and makes your remodel look unprofessional.

Getting the correct alignment and spacing between tiles is difficult for the inexperienced homeowner. For example, it’s easy to miscalculate the amount of space, creating a lopsided and crooked layout. 

Furthermore, many tile installation mistakes only become more visible over time. You will notice additional leaks and cracks, and the grout may start breaking.

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CJI Tile offers tile installation in Calgary. They specialize in all types of tile installation and have extensive experience working with various tile materials. Furthermore, all their contractors are trained and qualified Journeymen dedicated to delivering the highest quality results possible.

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