Why professional exterior painting is the best choice

Exterior painting is a whole different scale of work and involved skill than interior painting. It can take longer, be more stressful, and plays a bigger role in curb appeal and home value. Rather than stressing yourself, leave the exterior painting to the skilled hands of a professional.

Custom Painting Solution in Calgary is a professional painting company. They share how professional exterior painters can give you peace of mind with your project: 

Prep work is important

With exterior painting, it is extremely important to do proper prep work, and it’s for many more reasons. Various weather wear can easily flake and chip paint that was applied without proper care. Prep work can also find damage to the siding or areas where moisture is getting in. If you just paint over it, the damage will get worse and the paint job will have to be redone.

A professional will sand down any flaking or chipped areas and ensure a smooth, clean surface before any painting begins. They will also inspect the exterior for any issues that might need to be repaired first. That extra work will ensure your new paint job lasts for years while properly protecting your home.

Extra attention to detail

Little things like filling cracks or sealing open joints will be handled properly by a professional team. They’ll ensure there are no weak areas where water could get in or damage the paint. Any hooks or nails that could take away from the visual appeal are also removed in the process. Custom Painting Solution then adds a plaster and primer layer to create a perfectly smooth surface ready to paint. That extra attention to detail will make your home’s exterior paint job even more perfect and appealing. It’ll boost curb appeal and add value that will last for a long time.

Experts know their paints

When choosing exterior paint, there’s even more to consider beyond just what colours and accents to choose. Two main factors include the texture of your home’s surface and the weather. Siding, stucco, and natural stone or even wood are all popular choices for a home. That said, each surface will take to the paint differently and may need more coatings or a specific brand. As for the weather, the paint should be able to withstand the elements without worry. Poor quality paint in a hot, dry environment may end up drying out and flaking off the walls. Others could invite mould growth in rainy areas.

With a professional, you don’t have to worry about making the wrong choice. With their experience, they’ll choose the perfect paint for your home and needs. 

Painters in Calgary

Custom Painting Solution prioritizes absolute customer satisfaction from start to finish. They take extra care in every job, like removing furniture before any interior painting to avoid stains and doing proper prep work on all their jobs. Their professionals have all the right tools and experience to ensure a quality paint finish and process. They also handle any clean-up and touch-ups at the end for peace of mind from start to finish.

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