Why quality matters when choosing a stucco contractor

Stucco is a strong, durable, and attractive cladding option with many benefits. It can boost curb appeal, resale value and improve energy efficiency while offering strong protection for your home. If you’re choosing stucco or stone cladding for your new build or home renovation, hiring the right contractor is the first step.

Here is why quality matters when choosing a stucco contractor.

Product knowledge ensures you get the best for your home

When it comes to building materials, not every product is created equal. In addition, you want to install a product that helps you meet your goals. Those goals could be improved efficiency and thermal performance, enhanced protection for your home, a unique aesthetic, or a combination of those things. An experienced and knowledgeable company can recommend high-quality, long-lasting stucco and stone products.

Skilled installation ensures it looks great and lasts

Find a contractor that focuses on quality over quantity. That concept means they spend sufficient time at each job, pay attention to detail, and complete the installation correctly. Rushed or defective stucco and stone installations can quickly lead to failure. Faulty installation could cause cracks and leaks due to improper sealing or caulking around windows and doors. It can also cause staining, thin and long cracks, bulges in the finish and bald areas in the stucco.

Amateur DIY stucco installation or hiring an inexperienced contractor who rushes through the job or doesn’t do it correctly can lead to these problems. Unfortunately, they can be expensive to fix, primarily if the cladding failure has caused water damage. If you’re investing in a significant renovation or building a new home, this is the last thing you want to deal with.

Expert advice can increase your return on investment

Working with an experienced professional will ensure you’re getting the best advice for your specific needs. Their knowledge is vast and can help you with several aspects of your decision. For example, they can advise on energy efficiency and R-value, or colour and texture. They can also advise on moulding and trim, the addition of brick and stone, and more. This knowledge allows you to make educated decisions and ensures your exterior renovation or home build turns out how you envisioned it.

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