Why replacing your siding is a great idea


If you are ready to make home improvements and want to get the most value from your investment, replacing your home’s siding is one great option. This article, I Do Exteriors in Spruce Grove, shares why renovating your home’s exterior with new siding offers excellent benefits.

Curb appeal

This one may seem obvious, but the look of your home’s exterior is essential. A house with a great-looking exterior makes a statement. Siding that is past its prime will incur damage as well as other signs of wear and tear. When you replace your siding with top-quality materials, it will look modern and fresh, giving it that top-notch curb appeal that many homeowners are after.

Owner of I Do Exteriors, Sheldon Tyschuk, and his team are dedicated to siding every home as if it were their own. Their commitment to quality workmanship means their customers can expect excellent results. Call them a to discuss how replacing your siding can take the look of your home to a whole new level.

Increased property value

A beautiful home exterior is a benefit in and of itself. However, replacing your siding will increase your home’s value as well. If you’re considering selling in the next few years, replacing your siding is one way to ensure potential homebuyers will be wowed by what you offer before they even step inside your home. Even if selling isn’t in your immediate plans, you’ll still get maximum value with new siding.

I Do Exteriors offers a range of siding products for their clients to choose from. For example, vinyl siding and cedar siding. They also provide Hardie siding (known as the world’s highest-performance fibre cement siding), Canexel siding, Lux siding and more! Reach out to I Do Exteriors today to discuss the best materials for your home.

Save on energy costs

Think of your home’s siding as its clothing. This clothing isn’t there just to make your house look good but also to protect it. In other words, your home’s siding protects your home from the elements. Unfortunately, it also impacts thermal performance. Once your siding begins to show damage, it can no longer protect your home at optimal levels. In addition, this may cause moisture damage. This will contribute to energy loss in both the winter and summer months. Replacing damaged siding will protect your home and help cut down on the high energy cost.

Siding Contractors in Spruce Grove

I Do Exteriors is committed to running its business with family values and offers services in Spruce Grove and the greater Edmonton area. They are dedicated to open and honest communication and developing excellent working relationships with their clients. This company is also very passionate about seeing homeowner visions come to life. They offer many services, including exterior renovations, new construction, and siding repairs. When it comes to siding repairs, they are happy to fix the work of past installers and repair holes from hockey pucks and barbecue scorches.

Call I Do Exteriors today to discuss your next home exterior renovation project!

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