Why Reveri Homes is the company you want to design your dream home

Building and designing a custom home can either be the most rewarding experience or a very stressful one. Factors such as the contractors you hire and the overall design plan will play a major role. Be sure to work with a trusted designer to ensure the process is nothing but gratifying.

Professional custom home designers like Reveri Homes: Custom Home Design in Calgary will work with you as a team, starting with trust and open communication.

Custom design starts with lifestyle

Part of what separates a good contractor from a great one is their ability to really listen to you. Designing a dream home is more than just the number of bedrooms or what kitchen layout you want. Your dream home should fit your lifestyle as well as your needs for function, which is precisely what Reveri Homes does. They start by asking thought-provoking questions and gaining insight into who you are as both a person and a homeowner. From there, they turn your answers and dreams into the blueprint for the perfect home to complement your lifestyle.

They turn visions into reality

A custom home isn’t just a cookie-cutter layout, because every floor plan and home layout will be unique. It can feel daunting trying to turn those ideas into a concrete plan, but that’s where Reveri Homes comes in. They will take the needs or designs you have in mind for your dream home and make them a reality. Even if you only have a rough idea, they’ll work with you to narrow things down until you know what you want and like. With years of experience and previous portfolios, they may even have some new suggestions for you to consider.

3D designs to help visualize 

Just looking at a blueprint isn’t always enough to let you know or decide if you really love the new design. To help, Reveri Homes creates a 3D design of your home, so you can see how it will look and how it sits on the lot. You may find that you don’t love the locations or shape of specific windows anymore, or how far back the house sits. Having a visual of your future home will help narrow down those little details.

After all the designs and permits have been settled, Reveri Homes will create another rendering. This time, a photorealistic rending will show exactly how your custom home will look once it’s finally built. Once again, if you don’t like specific details anymore, you can make those changes. Your design team won’t settle until you are totally sure you love the final design.

They create the link between design and construction

Reveri Homes will work on your behalf to ensure the home design is approved by the city through a development permit and building permit. They’ll work closely with your home builder, making sure that the architectural integrity is intact through construction until completion.

Don’t have a builder in mind? Reveri Homes is partnered with various different builders in the Calgary region and can help you find the right builder for your project. Having a close relationship between the design firm and builder makes sure there is no separation between your vision and construction. Your home will be structurally sound and every little detail will be worked out before construction starts.

They also work with several talented interior designers in Calgary and can help team you up with one for your project. Need inspiration? Read about picking the perfect details for your new custom home.

Custom Home Design in Calgary and Architectural Designs in Calgary

At Reveri Homes: Custom Home Design, excellent client service starts with a relationship built on trust. They pride themselves on not just the little details but in really listening to their customer’s wants and needs. Even after a custom home is built, Reveri Homes continues to provide whatever support you may need.

Ready to turn your dreams into a custom home reality? Contact Reveri Homes today!

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