Why roof warranties are so important

When choosing a new roof, it’s important to consider warranties. After all, it costs a lot to have a new roof installed, maintained, and repaired. A warranty guarantees your roof against certain kinds of defects and damages. Ultimately, this helps save you money and gives you peace of mind.

Northwood Roofing Ltd in Langley installs, maintains, and repairs residential and commercial roofs.

Guarantee against defects

Manufacturer defects should be rare among high-quality roofing suppliers. However, they do happen! A roof warranty covers faults in the materials, which can compromise the longevity of the roof. If you notice early signs of wear and tear on your roof, any repairs may fall under the warranty. Therefore, it’s essential to address these issues quickly before they worsen.

Peace of mind

A quality roof is a significant investment and has an important job to do! After all, your roof protects your home from the elements. Furthermore, roof repairs can be expensive. The last thing you want is to pay out of pocket to repair defective roofing materials that would otherwise damage your home’s structural integrity. A roof warranty protects you from these expensive repairs and grants you peace of mind.

Manufacturer warranties vs. Workmanship warranties 

There are two kinds of roof warranties: manufacturer warranties and workmanship warranties. Manufacturer warranties come from the supplier and cover issues with the roofing materials. For example, faulty shingles, sealant failures, etc. Workmanship warranties cover labour and installation.

The manufacturer warranty is separate from the workmanship warranty because it is offered by the supplier instead of the roofing contractor. Therefore, your roofing contractor is responsible for any problems arising from shoddy workmanship- not the manufacturer. Furthermore, you will not lose the manufacturer’s warranty if the roofing contractor goes out of business.

It’s also crucial to hire a manufacturer-certified roofing contractor. You may not be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty if a non-certified contractor improperly installs your roof. Northwood Roofing is certified by CertainTeed, IKO, and Malarkey. They also offer a special manufacturer’s lifetime non-prorated warranty.

The importance of professional roof maintenance

Many manufacturer warranties include maintenance requirements for your roof. This means that neglecting professional roofing maintenance can void the supplier warranty. As a result, you must schedule regular roof inspections from your contractor. Any damage should be properly and promptly repaired.

Roofing in Langley

Northwood Roofing Ltd provides professional roofing services to homeowners and businesses in Langley. Their team of expert contractors correctly installs roofs with quality materials from the industry’s top manufacturers. Additionally, Northwood Roofing offers inspections, roof repair, and roof maintenance programs.

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