Why should I follow the recoat window when I paint?

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Why should I follow the recoat window when I paint?

This question I get from contractors and DIY’s alike at our Edmonton paint stores. It matters so much and is crazy more people aren’t being told why.

Every paint out there has a specific recoat window to ensure optimal performance, which can directly influence your coverage, color, and prevent issues such as mud cracking or alligatoring from occurring.  First, though, let’s talk about coverage, which we discussed in our previous blog about “do I need to do two coats

Waiting to paint the second coat

When painting, not only does it matter that you apply the paint at the right thickness to get coverage, but you need to wait the necessary time for the paint to say it can be recoated.  Now I know what you’re thinking, the surface is dry to the touch so it must be ready to repaint right?

Well, that’s not the case sadly.  The surface is dry, but underneath its still semi fluid, and it’s trying to set up and bond to the surface you put it on.  By re-wetting the surface before the time is up, you might reactivate the paint and get an overly thick coat of paint, which now you need to wait longer for it to dry and set up.

One issue that can occur from this is mud cracking, where the paint pulls itself apart creating large cracks in the coating, looking a lot like watering holes in the savannah.  The paint is now drying at different rates all over, and the surface tension is pulling itself apart.  This creates way more headaches and would require you to mud over to fix, or to power sand down to the drywall.

Achieve a depth of colour

Another issue and this has more to do with coverage, is that if you’re trying to paint a dark feature wall, or a red, yellow, or green color, waiting for that recoat window helps the previous coat set up and give you a nice depth of color to help ensure that the next coat looks great.  Feature walls are striking, but it doesn’t matter if you’re a professional or a DIY, the result will be extra coats that weren’t needed to get the same effect. Save yourself a trip to a paint store in Edmonton by following the recoat window and avoiding unnecessary coats of paint.

Painting can be a chore, but it doesn’t need to be, it’s not so bad if after painting a room you have to grab a glass of wine or a beer and wait for that next coat.

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