Why so many homeowners are choosing luxury vinyl flooring

Luxury vinyl tile and luxury vinyl plank flooring is rising in popularity. Homeowners choose these innovative flooring products for the kitchen, bathroom and beyond. Quality Red Tag Floors in Edmonton shares why:

They look amazing

Luxury vinyl flooring can mimic the look of its more expensive counterparts, minus the maintenance requirements. So if you want the look of natural hardwood or real stone tile in your home but don’t have the budget, vinyl provides a solution.

It comes in a wide range of design options—weathered woods, modern grey, farmhouse planks, textured stone, tile, and many others. It looks like these materials, but it feels like it too. Patterns are embossed into the tile or plank to give it that realistic feel.

They’re low maintenance

Luxury vinyl is extremely easy to maintain. On the other hand, a natural wood or stone floor requires more work and cost. Your luxury vinyl floor has a protective layer that doesn’t require waxing or polishing. You just need to sweep, vacuum and mop with a mild detergent. You don’t have to worry about refinishing or sealing the floor to keep it looking new.

They’re waterproof

If you have kids that like to splash in the tub, luxury vinyl is for your family! While some flooring options are water-resistant, properly installed luxury vinyl is waterproof. Therefore, it’s a fantastic choice for high-spill zones like the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room. However, many homeowners choose to use it throughout the entire house! Moisture and spills will not damage your luxury vinyl floor.

They’re affordable!

The affordability of luxury vinyl flooring is one of the biggest draws for homeowners. You’ll get all the benefits mentioned above, without being shocked by the price. You can have the look of hardwood or tiled floor at a fraction of the cost. In addition, you’ll save on maintenance costs over the years, making it even more cost-effective.

They’re comfortable

Luxury vinyl tile and luxury vinyl plank are comfortable underfoot. You’ll feel a real difference between quality vinyl and low-quality options. Additionally, luxury vinyl will feel warmer than cold tile – a significant benefit on those cold winter mornings! Luxury vinyl also offers sound insulation, which will reduce the noise of loud footsteps echoing across the house.

Flooring Companies in Edmonton

Quality Red Tag Floors offers affordably-priced, high-quality flooring for your home renovation or new construction project. Their flooring products suit the drastic climate changes we experience in Alberta and will last for years to come. They offer a wide selection of luxury vinyl tile and plank flooring. In addition, you’ll find quality engineered hardwood, laminate, porcelain tile, carpet and more.

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