Why spring is the best time for for AC maintenance

The air conditioner is every homeowner’s best friend in summer. You don’t want it to fail when you need it most. If you want to rely on your AC worry-free, you need to schedule regular maintenance and repairs. Keeping your AC in good repair is the best way to ensure that you’re cool and comfortable- no matter how hot it gets.

Lendrix HVAC Services in Calgary is your local go-to HVAC company. They offer everything from new AC installation to maintenance.

Ensures your AC is ready for summer

Your AC has been sitting unused all winter. Simply put, it’s unlikely that it’s ready for use this summer. This is because your AC has likely accumulated dust and dirt. As a result, it desperately needs a thorough cleaning! Additionally, your AC may have low refrigerant or need lubrication. No machine handles sitting idle well, including your AC! Scheduling maintenance before the heatwave hits ensures that your AC will work when you need it most. Neglecting to do so increases the likelihood of a breakdown early in the season. 

Better energy efficiency

Your AC gets a lot of use in the summer months. This can mean an uncomfortably large monthly utility bill. Fortunately, professional HVAC maintenance helps lower energy costs. Well-maintained air conditioning units perform better and are significantly more energy-efficient. As a result, you save money while staying cool. On the other hand, neglected air conditioners draw more power for poorer outcomes. Dirty ducts, slow motors, clogged filters, and other issues compromise efficiency and force the AC to work harder. 

Avoid scheduling delays

Summer is typically the busiest time for HVAC repair and maintenance companies. After all, summer is when air conditioners are used the most. If something has gone wrong with your AC and you didn’t schedule a maintenance appointment, you won’t learn that your AC isn’t working until the first heatwave. Of course, this is when you really need it! As a result, HVAC professionals are in high demand come summer. It will be much harder to schedule an appointment, and you may have to wait. You can easily avoid this by simply booking a spring maintenance appointment today! 

Fewer AC repairs

Heavily used air conditioners are more likely to break or experience issues. This is especially true with unmaintained or improperly cared-for ACs. Regular maintenance from your HVAC professional increases the longevity of your AC. Moreover, maintenance decreases the likelihood of a breakdown in the heat of summer. In general, consistent maintenance prolongs the lifespan of HVAC units by several years. As HVAC replacements are expensive, maintenance is the least expensive option.

HVAC Companies in Calgary

Lendrix HVAC Services is a locally owned and operated company providing Calgary homeowners with HVAC services. They install, repair, and maintain air conditioners and furnaces, as well as water and garage heaters. Their staff are all qualified Red Seal Journeymen Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanics. This means you can rely on their workmanship, professionalism, and expertise.

Have your AC inspected and tuned up. Contact Lendrix HVAC Services today!

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