Why the RenovationFind Logo is Good for Business

Hundreds of companies have joined with RenovationFind, receiving accreditation and a vendor listing on this growing renovation industry directory. Is your company listed on www.renovationfind.com? If not, you could be missing out on some serious business.

Those of us in the home renovation industry know that its reputation has taken a major hit. Bad companies and shady contractors have placed a black mark on our industry, making our customers fearful of hiring good, trustworthy companies for their major home improvement projects. RenovationFind.com eases those fears by offering a list of accredited, trust-worthy businesses in the renovation industry that have proven quality workmanship, products and customer service.  As more and more homeowners search for ‘approved’ companies on the internet, can you be sure they’ll find yours?


RenovationFindA national survey taken by Consumer Reports showed that 71 percent of consumers look for a third-party seal of approval before proceeding with a business transaction.

RenovationFind Certified





Once a company is pre-screened, rated and placed on our directory we continually monitor important criteria to ensure homeowners are provided with a directory of legitimate, ethical, trustworthy companies who maintain our high level of standards for workmanship and customer service.

Having the RenovationFind Ratings logo on your website and online profile will show potential customers that you have the experience, knowledge and skills to provide top-quality work. It also shows that you can be trusted, which is very important to leery consumers.  Increased confidence in your potential customers will result in more sales.

The RenovationFind A+ Rating and seal of approval shows customers that you have:

    • completed and successfully passed legal and financial background checks
    • a legal business license
    • appropriate business insurance
    • Worker’s Compensation Coverage
    • Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation
    • Responded positively to resolve any consumer complaints, resulting in a high-level of customer satisfaction.

RenovationFind.com is growing at a rapid pace. More and more homeowners are consulting our directory before making any decisions on their home repairs, maintenance or home renovation projects.

By being a RenovationFind accredited company you will benefit from this growth. Your profile on our directory will enhance your web presence and your company’s search engine optimization. RenovationFind is very active on social media and other digital marketing streams. We constantly promote the industry and our listed vendors, and provide homeowners with expert advice through our blogs, newsletters and participate in online forums. All of these efforts are contributing to enhancing our vendor’s online presence.  Your online presence.

Are you ready to show potential customers that you’re the best-of-the-best and that you’re trustworthy? We know you do good work and provide exceptional customer service. Let us help you spread the word to home owners in your city.

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Today’s Consumers are Digital.

Did you know Google released a stat indicating users check out 10.4 sources before purchase.

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RenovationFind Certified

Third-Party Certifications & Accreditations

Over 71% of consumers look for a third-party seal of approval.

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