Why use Aura paint in bathrooms and kitchens?

Written by Benjamin Moore in Edmonton

Lots of people who come in to do a bathroom or kitchen ask me the same thing, “what’s the best paint to use”, and I recommend Aura to them, either the regular stuff or the kitchen and bath version, and by reading this you will know why.

First of all, Aura comes in several sheens, from flat to eggshell, pearl and semigloss, and it is fully washable in all sheens, even a flat!  This means that regardless of what sheen you pick for personal preference, Aura will perform as expected every time.

Second, Aura actually absorbs the moisture in the air and then slowly releases it out, which helps control mold and mildew, as well as reducing the appearance of emulsion streaks.  What are emulsion streaks?  Well when too much water builds up on a surface it causes the glycol in the paint film to separate and bead, causing those water streaks down the wall.  These can be simply cleaned away by wiping down the wall, using a warm damp rag, no soap required.  Please don’t use bleach or ammonia to clean your walls, ammonia-based cleaners actually eat through most latex acrylic paints, so your going to wreck the wall doing that. If you’re looking for hygienic kitchen and bathroom paint, Aura from Benjamin Moore in Edmonton is the way to go.

Finally, as for Aura kitchen and bath, it’s specially formulated with an anti-mildewcide, to help prevent mildew growth, but like regular Aura it also has color lock technology, which means that it won’t come off the wall onto your cloth.

So now you’re probably wondering, “can’t I paint with anything, I’ve never had problems before?”

And truth is that pretty much all paints “can” be used in a bathroom, but using a product that is best designed for it means better overall performance over the lifetime of that coating, as well as less maintenance and upkeep that you have to do.  Why not spend a little more, to do a whole lot less?

By the way, in a previous blog titled “The 5-dollar difference” I discussed the key differences between Aura and its nearest competitor, Emerald.  Well currently at our three locations we retail Aura for 82.99, and Emerald retails for around 90$, what a difference a year can make!

So not only can you get the best paint on the market for a better price than its closest “equivalent”, but check in from time to time and find out what sales were having, you might be surprised.

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