Why Work With An Interior Designer?

While a professional interior designer can help you with the aesthetics of your home like wall colours and home accessories, that is just the tip of the iceberg of what they can do for you and your home. A professional interior designer like Distinct Interior Design in Edmonton will go beyond aesthetics to make sure the entire space of your room or home has a good flow from it’s floor plan and everything built inside of it to the cosmetic features like draperies, furniture and décor.

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Distinct Interior Design works with you on the entire home renovation process. From creating the initial drawings and design, to offering guidance through the building and renovation process and helping to create the perfect space with chosen features and finishing touches. Your design strategy will provide a plan for the space that will make it both beautiful and functional. An interior designer will include the aesthetic features you love, while incorporating it with structural planning that compliments your home’s architectural features.

If you have a vision of how you will like your space to look, Distinct Interior Design will help you bring that vision to life while considering things like space planning, function and the lifestyle of your family. They are fully trained, experienced and knowledgeable and will know how to create a functional and attractive space that meets all of your needs.

Distinct Interior Design will help you create a budget for your project, ensuring all costs entailed are accounted and planned for, and that you won’t overspend, providing a clear and accurate contract for their services. They will also help with hiring and managing renovation companies and trades to complete your project, but the cost of their labour and materials will be billed separately and in addition to the interior design fees. If you have a smaller budget, don’t worry! Distinct Interior Design works on all types of projects, big and small, and will help you come up with creative and cost-effective solutions to help make your renovation or decorating project a reality.

Not sure where to start? Check out DistinctInterior Design’s Facebook page and browse images of their previous work for inspiration. When you’re ready, contact them for a consultation. Their experienced professional team will help you choose your finishes, colors, lighting, window treatment, hard window covering, tile & granite, space planning, furniture arrangement and furniture sourcing.

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