Why you don’t need a complete cabinet replacement

A kitchen renovation in Calgary can be a huge undertaking. However, there is a cost-effective way to change the aesthetic without an expensive kitchen overhaul. Cabinets are one of the most defining features of any kitchen. If you’re not in love with yours, hold off before you decide to go with a complete cabinet replacement. If you like your kitchen’s general layout, you can save up to 75% of the cost of your kitchen renovation when you choose Calgary cabinet refinishing instead.

Can Do More Painting – Renovation & Design in Calgary shares more about cabinet refinishing vs. cabinet replacing and how you can achieve the kitchen of your dreams without breaking your budget.

Cabinet refinishing vs. replacement

Cabinets make up a significant portion of your kitchen and renovation budget. A cabinet replacement is expensive and intrusive. To remove the cabinets, you must remove the countertop, sinks, faucets, and sometimes backsplash. It’s disruptive to your home life, time-consuming, and labour-intensive. In addition, it’s much more expensive than cabinet refinishing or refacing in Calgary.

Cabinet refinishing is when you keep your cabinet doors, drawers and boxes and refinish them with new paint or stain. Sometimes only minor door modifications are required to give a kitchen a boost. With cabinet refacing or cabinet re-dooring, you replace your cabinet doors but keep the cabinet boxes. Then, your contractor applies a matching veneer or stain on the exposed panels and frames to complete the look. Cabinet refacing, or re-dooring is a cost-effective option if your cabinet doors are in too rough shape to refinish.

Both methods take far less time and money. Learn more about cabinet replacing vs. refacing.

More than just cabinets

Cabinet painting in Calgary can transform the look of your kitchen, but you might require other updates. No worries! Can Do More Painting – Renovation & Design can offer cost-effective options to complete your kitchen remodel. For example, you can opt for new countertops, sinks, faucets, and backsplash. Hardware upgrades on your hinges, cabinet door knobs and drawer pulls can also modernize the space. Even some layout modifications can be achieved by changing cabinet door boxes to pull-out drawers. Speaking with your contractor can help you create a budget and plan for your kitchen renovation.

Interior painting in Calgary

Painting the kitchen can also significantly improve the look and feel of the room. A fresh coat of paint can cover stains and blemishes, help protect the walls, and rejuvenate the space. Painting trim, moulding, and interior doors in the kitchen can complete the renovation.

Can Do More Painting – Renovation & Design are professional residential painters in Calgary. They specialize in cabinet painting and interior painting and can help you with both. They can help you choose a paint colour for your kitchen that complements your cabinet colour choice and completes the look.

Reach out to Can Do More Painting – Renovation & Design today. They can provide all the services listed above and more!



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