Why you might need an electrical service upgrade

In today’s modern age, we use more electricity in our homes than we used to. For one, the use of electric devices such as televisions, home theatre systems, video game consoles, and energy-using appliances require more power. The use of electric vehicles and solar power systems might also need an upgrade.

Kybe Electrical Contracting Ltd offers electrical installations, troubleshooting, repairing & updating electrical issues for homeowners in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. They share more reasons you might need to update your electrical panel service:

Your older panel is not to code

Older homes might have a 60-amp electrical panel that no longer meets the current building code. If you’re trying to run a high electrical load on your circuits, there could be a problem. Warning signs include continuously tripping circuit breakers or lights that flicker and dim.

If you’re buying or selling a home, an upgrade might be necessary. Your insurance company might require you to upgrade your new home’s electrical for it to be compliant with your insurance policy. Most insurance companies and the BC Electrical Code require a minimum of 100-amp electrical service. If you’re getting an upgrade, you might as well upgrade to 200-amp so you won’t run into any problems in the future.

No matter what, you’ll benefit from the upgrade. It will reduce fire hazards and will power your devices safely.

You need more power!

Today’s electronics and appliances require more power than they used to. If you want to upgrade your heating and cooling systems, appliances, water heater, or even install a new hot tub, you might need an upgrade. If you’re building a workshop and plan on running some power tools, you’ll likely need to upgrade your service to accommodate that.

As mentioned before, there is not that big of a jump in cost between levels of service upgrades. If you’re currently running on a 60-amp panel, making the jump to 200-amps or even higher is worth the price.

You want an electric vehicle charging station

If you’re building a new home and think you might want to get an electric vehicle (EV) in the future, plan for it now. To run one or two charging units on your property, you’ll likely need a 200-amp electrical panel. If you install a 100-amp panel now and change your mind later, the upgrade cost will be more if you do it after construction. The challenge is that they’ll have to dig a trench to run the upgraded conduit to the panel and charging station. Electricians will also install wiring for the charger through already-finished walls, which is time consuming.

If you want to retrofit your current home with an EV charger, it’s still doable. Make sure you talk to your electrician and tell them your plans. They’ll make sure your home is getting the proper electrical service to accommodate your goals now and later.

Electricians in North Vancouver

KYBE has built client relationships of the highest quality and professional standard by supporting their skilled employees. They are a complete electrical services company serving the Lower Mainland and the Fraser Valley. Kybe Electrical is proud to deliver quality work at honest prices. They have a versatile group of Red Seal Certified Electricians equipped to meet all your electrical needs.

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