Why you need heated tile flooring

In-floor heating, also called radiant heating, is a great way to add comfort to your home. This heating solution is effective and efficient. Moar Tile Inc. in Edmonton is a full-service tile installation company. They offer heated flooring and share the many benefits of this home comfort solution:

It’s super cozy!

This is probably the number one reason why homeowners are choosing tile flooring with a radiant heating system installed beneath. You’ll love standing or walking over your heated floors, especially in the winter time. Heated flooring is a particularly smart choice for the bathroom. Imagine stepping out of the shower and instead of feeling cold tile beneath your feet, you’ll feel a comfortable, warm floor. You’ll enjoy it after coming in from the cold or if you want tile in the bedroom, when you first step out of bed each morning.

The heat is evenly distributed.

In-floor heating uses hot water running through a series of tubes to create a smooth and even heat. Sometimes radiant heating uses wires beneath the floor. A forced air heating system pushes hot air through the vents in your room, delivering it through a single register that points toward the ceiling. That heat is not used or distributed evenly. Even after the furnace has been on, you might still feel cold at your feet. In-floor heating slowly and consistently heats the entire surface of the floor, evenly heating the entire room.

Learn more about the benefits of in-floor heating vs. forced air heating .

It’s energy efficient.

For the reasons mentioned above, in-floor heating is more efficient that baseboard or force-air heating. For one, it eliminates any heat lost in the ductwork. Hydronic in-floor heating uses little electricity and less power than a traditional HVAC system would to heat that room. Homeowners can expect to see savings on their energy bills with this heating option.

It works great under a tile floor.

Tile flooring is the best choice for your heated floors. The tile will naturally conduct the heat produced by the radiant heating system, effectively transmitting it into your home. Tile is also resistant to expanding or contracting with changes in temperature or humidity. That means it won’t crack or damage over time. Moar Tile will help you choose the type of tile that will work best for your new heated floors.

Tile Contractors in Edmonton

Moar Tile Inc. is a tile installation company in Edmonton. They offer tile and installation services for flooring, wall tile, backsplashes, custom tile installation, outdoor tile and heated tile flooring systems. Their installations are all done with accuracy and care. Moar Tile offers only the most premium materials on the market and can help you choose the right tile for your next home renovation.

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