Why you need the help of a designer for your kitchen renovation

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Therefore, it needs to be functional, beautiful, and an accurate representation of you. A professional designer can make this a reality. They know how to transform your lifestyle and preferences into the space of your dreams. Good design forms the foundation for all the merry gathering, eating, cooking, and celebrating that goes on in a kitchen.

Inside Out Kitchens in Penticton is a full-service interior design company. They specialize in designing beautiful kitchens. Here’s why you should hire them for your next renovation.

Benefit from the latest design technology

At Inside Out Kitchens, every remodel begins with a comprehensive, complimentary consultation. Once they understand your requirements, wants, and lifestyle, they use the latest interior design technology to render 3D drawings. These drawings let you have a sneak peek at your dream kitchen. Furthermore, this allows you and your designer to get on the same page. You get to share your vision with your designer, who, in turn, offers their expert opinions. During the consultation, your designer develops a deep understanding of your needs, which informs how they approach your unique kitchen remodel. For these reasons, consultation is an essential first step before construction begins.

Expert personalized design

Professional designers know what works and what doesn’t. These insights are invaluable during a kitchen remodel. Their expertise means they can come up with the best design for you. After all, the design should fit your space and be tailored to your lifestyle. Furthermore, those not well-versed in kitchen design often find the remodelling process overwhelming. There is a lot to consider, from layout to adequate storage to picking the right colours. Professional design services take the guesswork out of the remodel. They guide your vision, give expert opinions, and help make your dreams a reality.

Colour consultation

Colour sets the tone for any space, including your kitchen. So, it’s crucial to pick the right colour. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done. With endless colours available, how do you know which ones will best suit your kitchen? This is where the expertise of a professional designer really comes in handy. They have a thorough understanding of colour theory and, after your complimentary consultation, your preferences. This allows them to suggest colours that work with your space and establish the desired mood. While coordinating colours can be confusing for the untrained eye, it’s easy for professional designers. Additionally, Inside Out Kitchens help you select your countertop finish, backsplash style, flooring, and more! Learn more about kitchen colour schemes.

Inside Out Kitchens present a suggested colour palette alongside the 3D drawings after your consultation.

Kitchen Renovations in Penticton

Inside Out Kitchens offer full-service interior design services for homeowners in Penticton. They provide complimentary consultation, professional 3D drawings, and colour consultations to all clients. Additionally, they recommend preferred contractors, work with custom cabinetry makers, and handle project management. Inside Out Kitchens’ mission is to create beautiful, functional livings spaces alongside incredible customer service.

Contact Inside Out Kitchens for your complimentary design consultation!

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