Why you only need one company for your major home renovation

There are many reasons to embark on a significant home renovation. Maybe you love your neighbourhood but have fallen out of love with your home. Alternatively, perhaps your home feels outdated and you’re yearning for a change. Regardless, a major home renovation transforms your house into the home of your dream. These projects are large and complex, but with the help of a professional renovations company, your renovation can be smooth sailing.

Fire Ant Contracting Ltd. in Calgary are fully supported custom renovation service for residential properties. Here they share why you only need one company for your home project.

One point of contact

When you hire a contracting company for your home renovation, you have a single point of contact. Rather than trying to communicate your vision to each subcontractor, you focus solely on your expert general contractor. Through in-depth consultations and transparent communication, your contractor builds a thorough understanding of what you want from your major renovation. They can then advocate for you throughout the project and ensure that construction follows your vision. Additionally, you can rely on your contractor to offer expert advice. Their knowledge guides your dream into a practical reality.

Design services

Design dictates the functionality and liveability of your house. Where poor design causes frustration, good design makes it easy to enjoy life at home. Consequently, professional design services are invaluable for every major home renovation. This is why the best renovation companies offer interior design as one of their services. They can advise you on layouts that make the most of the space you have, the perfect colours to set the right mood, and ensure your home has that “wow” factor. Their job is to translate your personality and style into the ideal interior design for you.

Project supervision

Major home renovations require a lot of hands-on-deck. For an inexperienced homeowner, managing all these subcontractors is a mammoth task. It is stressful, but it also takes a lot of time! Your general contractor has the required experience to manage every aspect of your home renovation. This includes communicating with subcontractors, controlling the budget, and solving problems as they arise. As you can see, expert project supervision keeps the project running smoothly, within budget, and on schedule.

Basements, kitchens, and bathrooms

Any one of these renovations alone is a massive undertaking. Tackling all three requires expertise and years of experience. Therefore, you should only trust the best with your major home renovation. Experienced contracting companies like Fire Ant Contracting Ltd. know how to transform your entire home including the basement, kitchen, and bathroom. Kitchens and bathrooms are important and heavily used rooms, so the renovation must be done right.

Additionally, basements are often underutilized areas. A beautiful renovation can open up this space. Find some inspiration for your basement remodel.

Major Renovations in Calgary

Fire Ant Contracting Ltd offers custom renovation services for residential properties in the Calgary area. They begin with an in-depth home client consultation and provide additional services such as interior design and project supervision. Plus, they are committed to customer satisfaction, which they achieve by completing projects on time and within budget.

Book a free consultation with Fire Ant Contracting Ltd!

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