Why you should always leave furnace repairs to the pros  

There are some repairs that can easily and safely be DIYed, but some should be left to the professionals. Knowing when to DIY and when not to can be tricky to decide, especially when you are hoping to save money. When it comes to furnace repairs, those jobs should always be left for the pros.

Cross Country Mechanical Ltd. in Spruce Grove shares some of the reasons why it is safer to leave these kinds of repairs to the professionals:

It can easily become dangerous 

Even if the problem with your furnace seems small and simple, it can easily become a bigger, serious problem. It’s always better to call in a professional to take a look and fix the problem because they will be able to do so safely. If the problem does become worse, it can quickly lead to much more costly repairs or worse still, needing a whole new furnace.

Carbon monoxide leaks are serious 

Particularly with gas furnaces, the risk of carbon monoxide leaks is a real danger both in your home and for yourself. Since carbon monoxide is both odourless and colourless, it is a deadly gas that can easily go unnoticed. CO alarms will catch any leaks, which is why you should always make sure they also get regular maintenance and still work. Read about symptoms of carbon monoxide exposure and poisoning to keep yourself safe in the event a leak does occur.

What else should be left to the professionals?

Aside from furnace repairs, there are also a few other things that are better left to the professionals. These include regular maintenance, installations, or trouble-shooting loud noises such as loud bangs or screeching. As well, recurring heating or pilot problems may be signs of serious internal problems. Any of these repairs should always be left to a professional with the knowledge and tools to safely do so.

What can I safely do myself?

Apart from the obvious safety benefits of professional fixes, there are some jobs that can be tackled at home. These, however, are more maintenance upkeep, rather than repairs. Things such as changing the air filter, adjusting the thermostat, or clearing away dust, are all safe to tackle. Between regular home maintenance and getting an annual professional maintenance check, your furnace will ideally continue to run smoothly. However, if something acts up, then just remember to always call the professionals first for help.

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